Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The D and Em Podcast.

I have taken some time to chickety-check myself on this space. I've enrolled at uni and attempted to fill in the extensive blanks of my interrupted schooling. I took intensive grammar, bought an Australian style guide from the uni shop for the princely sum of eighty bazzillion dollars and Charlie Hunnam on a bike ... I had so much to learn.

I am arse-ing my way through a creative writing and journalism double major, because I could sit back and become frustrated by all the things I don't know that make me look like a dickhead, or I could face them and learn.
Guess what? I didn't even know what I didn't know. Fuck sake.

I've been lucky enough to study podcasting, or digital audio journalism as part of my degree. I've been blessed with patient and knowledgeable teachers, (one of which were a part of the making of Pheobe's Fall. If you like crime type stuff, you will enjoy this).

Whilst I was becoming learned ...
It's pronounced LEARNNNNED Pepe.
 I was toying with the idea of making a radio doc style podcast with all of my new found knowledge when I received a phone call from Her Radio, offering me this very opportunity, working beside, ahead and behind of some crazy talented individuals. It is bizarre how that happens. I took a risk and landed in the exact place I was supposed to be it seems.

So, *shifty eyes ... You may have already heard, and by 'may' I mean I have definitely crammed this down the necks of all the patient and beautiful people that belong to any and all of my social media accounts. Jesus wept ...

Agh, we had this thing ... we were meant to launch in December, when suddenly ... drama, so we may have started promoting a little early... BUT! We got there! and we've made a radio doc type podcast on labels and stereotypes called The D & Em.

We really wanted to examine and take an unfiltered look at what labels can do, both positive and negative. We want to inform people in a way that makes them want to hear it. Being politically correct is fine, necessary even, but somewhere along the way, being politically correct has turned into an excuse to attack those with less knowledge. No discussions were ever started by attacking someone, and discussions are so important in making any sort of change.

Season one starts Feb 1st with teen pregnancy in Oz, a subject close to my heart. I have had the opportunity to interview some fucking amazing people, get some really honest opinions about the labels we give people and do some pretty eye opening research. It has been fairly emotionally taxing, as anything worthwhile is. I have had to really examine some fucked up parts of my life, including that of my interrupted schooling. I don't even think I am the same person anymore, in a good way, I left the person who started this podcast in the Her Radio Meeting space in Newtown, Sydney.

Bye Felicia - *facepalm- *shove in the opposite direction to me.

 I will be starting my studies again this semester knowing so much more about what I didn't know, I didn't know. I am so stinkin proud of what we have made.

Then there was the music...

And man, speaking of proud ... Wait ... Proud isn't the right word, considering none of their achievements are in any way mine, but ... THESE GUYS! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

I begged, negotiated licencing agreements, promised a thousand beers, most definitely creeped them out and in the end, they loaned me a track to use for the podcast, possibly to make me go away, but that isn't even the point.

The point is, I am continuously mind blown at the extent Aussie creatives go to support other Aussie creatives. This gesture is contributing to the reasons podcasting in Australia is going to be smashing ground all over the place this year.

The track we used is called 'Step outside' You will be addicted to it by the time the season is done.

Check out
GRIZZLEE TRAIN to find out where you can get it.

These guys are insanely talented and you are going to be hearing massive things about them this year.

Speaking of Australian talent ...

You can check out some more Grizzlee Train on Kasey Chambers' new album.
Have you heard it?  It's fantastic, mellow, kinda rootsy, kinda bluesy, my descriptions aren't doing it justice so check it out, see what you think.

So this is where I'm at folks!  You can catch up with the podcasts goings on here!

You can listen and subscribe to the D & Em podcast if it sounds like your thing, by clicking on your preferred platform below.