Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bed in the head, I have a case of the night guilts. 17.11.10

Now I don't know about you, but my children appear to have come with a faulty sleep device.
Monday to Friday, the sleep in mode is activated, come the weekend however, it is a competition to see who can possibly get up the closest to the but crack of dawn.

I am not a naturally early riser, I do however see the satisfaction in getting up early and getting stuck in, with this I can deal, I've resigned myself to the fact that along with stretch marks and nipple cream, it is just part of the contract.
What I struggle with is the night time shenanigans ( not the good kind) that occur in our house.

Dinner, bath, teeth, story, did you put your library book in your bag?...... excellent now goodnight, isn't this usually where the story ends?
Not for me.
10 minutes later..... the familiar thump of little size 6 feet landing on the floor, probably after some magnificent acrobatic launch off of the mattress, tip pat tap...."muuuuuum I'm thirsty"
OK.... so the kid is parched... get some water then get into bed.
Thump......"mum I need to go to the toilet"
OK,  figure that's the drink... better than wet sheets..... quickly go to the toilet and get back into bed, Don't get out again mate I mean it!
Ahhhh silence..... This parenting thing is a piece of cake right?

Out of nowhere smash has pulled a stealth bed escape and managed to get out of bed, him room and up the hallway with the silence of a meditating monk one sleepy little blue eye ball watches me cautiously from behind the hall way door,

Me-Damn!  Smash- acknowledgement!
"mummy........ I'm hungry"
I glance at the clock and it's nine thirty, I sense a tantrum coming on, not his but mine,
" for crying out loud smash, you should have eaten more of your dinner now get into bed!"

And so it begins,  but I'm hungry, your not fair, how can I sleep if I'm hungry, can I have something if it's healthy?

I was angry..... angry because this is MY time...... I have missed half of my t.v program already, The 4 loads of washing that are sitting on my lounge won't fold themselves, and I want to get to bed myself sometime this century!, I have given you my whole day! I love you, but please let me have a few measly hours before it starts again! I don't care if your hungry, ( and sadly... I really don't!) next time you will eat more dinner, I am not a short order cook, heaven help you if you wake your baby sister, Ping ding or I'll delete everysaved game on your d.s!

Tears fill the sleepy blue eyes and he stomps his little size six feet back into the bedroom and so begins the self pity and whining,..... ohhh but  I'm  ssoooooooooo hungry...sob sob..... boooo fricken hooo, this continues for a good part of 45 minutes.

His belly is empty and mine is full,... full of rage at the injustice of it all! eye pod in ears to drown out the whining I get on with the folding.
2 songs later I creep up to inspect the reason for the silence coming from smash's bedroom.
He is sleeping like a kitten , his sweaty little head hangs half off the pillow.
My rage melts at the sight of him and in creeps the dreaded  "Night Guilts"

I can't be the only one afflicted..... should have just let him have an apple....... what if he is going through a growth spurt and he really is hungry, Why did I say those things to him, he is six, he doesn't get it, he was just hungry?
 Finally, the worst night guilt of all........

What if something happens in the middle of the night and the last words I would have said were.."I really don't care smash... ping ding into bed or I am deleting every saved game on your d.s"

The sun comes up, my night guilt's stayed where they live.... at night and a new day begins,

Thump, little size 6 feet hit the floor and two bright smiling eyes greet me in the hall... he runs straight outside to the trampoline
Me -" what about your breakfast?"
Smash - "I'm not hungry yet"

Am I the only one afflicted with these useless night guilts?

Emma xx

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Kate said...

Ta for a glimpse of what's to come ;)

And no, don't feel guilty!