Saturday, November 20, 2010

Movember + mo loving

It's "that time" of year for many of the men in Australian households, the time our husbands have a visit from "Aunt Mo"
Yes its Movember and day 20 of the lip side burn frenzy.

The man of our house hold (champ) participates in this genuinely worthwhile cause with such vigour for the past five years, that our children think that the name of the month is spelt incorrectly on our calender.
This really is such a great thing for men's health and a charity we should throw our hefty support behind it because it is doing great work.

Chuck some cash behind it

With that said, our little Princess Red Head's birthday falls in early movember and if every happy snap of the big day contains a picture of her daddy looking like he is playing the lead in a 1970's special movie, I am going to take the piss.

It starts clean shaven on the 1st, with that the moustache is conceived and by the 2nd the tiny little Tom Selleck is well formed and stretching its little bristles toward the sun.
This early stage of development is the most difficult for the spouse of the mo grower (Champ.), or mo growee, (Me.).
It is at this early stage the mo and its tiny bristles are the sharpest. each kiss, greeting and departure is like wiping your mouth with a fine grain sandpaper napkin.
whilst he walks around glowing and bursting with masculine pride I walk around with a mouth that Lara Boyle would pay good money for.... Oh so chapped and burnie, Lip balm I love you.

Day 3-5 and I have squashed any chance of a kiss any more passionate than kiss for uncle Roy at Christmas, by this time however I look as though I contracted some sort of flesh eating, anti biotic resistant bacteria of the lips so chances are he wasn't that keen anyway.

Day 6 - 10 and the moustache is quickly filling out and is more boundary hedge like appearance, Much time and precision care is put into the mo in this developing stage. slow studied and steady strokes are required to train and guide the mo into it's magnificent glory, one slip could mean the difference between an Einstein or a Hitler, and no one wants to be that guy.

Day 10 - 30 is all about the maintenance and brotherhood of it all, fellow Mo growers with their equally chapped spouses in tow, acknowledge each other in passing with a subtle nod or if they really get into the character of it all the old double click two finger point wiggle style as they walk by.

And I for one, will stand for it!
Men walk around with a badge of honour gripping tightly to their top lip for a whole month, lets face it... Genius advertising campaign.
They get to blast an important message across the world and try out that mo they saw in an old western movie long before they were old enough to grow one.
so tips out for the boys this month ladies and if you see a fellow Mo bro or his suffering spouse- ( you can't miss her, she is the one looking like she sucked a marble through chuppa chup straw) Donate, donate, donate!

These crimes against fashion are those first important steps in in evolution for your average suburban male, with every moustache and its accompanying pash rash is a man publicly declaring that he cares if he gets his prostate checked, or it's OK to talk about depression, It's a badge that reads " be a man, I am, I can grow a moustache..... see!" and what a wonderful gift for our children that would be.

And don't we just luuuurve them for it?

Emma xx

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EmmaK said...

Such a funny post! I thank God we don't have that in America though because moustaches are so funny/hideous!