Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa hates my guts


I really resent the whole commercialism of Christmas... Rich I know..coming from me, But this is my therapy, so stiff.

I hate that the colour combination of red and green have been bought and trademarked, property of Christmas and the Monopoly man.

I know the gift giving was a wonderful part of the nativity story but it was hardly the point of it all now was it?

I think baby Jesus gave as much of a shit about the gold, frankincense and Mir as any baby gives about any gift.
He would have sat around contently sucking the wrapping paper, while the three wise men stood around muttering ..."oh for crying out loud, I searched for that gold for a week,...followed a star half way across the land and I needn't have bothered.... he is happier with the box!"

The three may have been wise, but the gifts weren't entirely age appropriate, safety checked and endorsed by Nickelodeon. But if its good enough for the son of god, who am I to argue?

This Christmas I am going to try to take the time to think about the other meanings of Christmas, Like giving someone in need shelter, or the strength of a woman to labour for hours on the back of a donkey for the love of her unborn. I'll try not to get lost in the red and green frenzied hysteria of it all.....
I mean I can think of a pretty good anagram for SANTA... can you?

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Joni Llanora said...

Enjoyable read. I'm suck into the frenzy as well but the other day realized that my girl didn't even know the full story of the nativity (& the other issues you mentioned). It was a slap on the face.

Jacki said...

Very true! I get a bit swept up in all the excitement but this year I'm focusing more on helping others to have a great Christmas too.