Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Giant Crap Sandwich In My Thursday

My car broke down the other day. Stupid piece of crap.
Tis the season for it apparently.
This annoyed me in two ways.

1. Because it it always expensive to fix........

I will continue to hope for the day that the phone call from the mechanic is like this...

"oh it was nothing love....(yes....... Alf Stewart is my mechanic).... You just left it in park... that will be five cents fifty."

Never in my motoring history has this ever happened.

and 2. Because I know nothing about anything to do with cars or their associated parts...... or cricket.. but that's for another day..........

I hate feeling like a helpless female and this inevitably ends up happening.

ME " yes.. hello... Mr Mechanic?....... well my car is making a funny noise..."

Then they always get you to describe it and as a result I end up feeling like I might be on the wrong end of a radio prank........
Hamish and Andy......

So I take it down there... and it's a little bit like this....

Mr Mechanic.. " so what kind of car is it?"
Me..... White.... honestly it is the extent of my knowledge.
Mr Mechanic....." oh yes... the idiot that phoned earlier"

Then I leave felling like I had just done this

Dear Mr Mechanic,

I hope your Nigerian friend is OK,
Here are my bank account details, copies of all my I.D, social security and credit cards.
I have included a few blank cheques for you to use at your discretion and you may repay me when that inheritance comes through

When we meet I will be the one wearing arse less chaps and bending over, should make it a bit easier for you

Thanking you,

Emma's Brain

So for the Giant Crap Sandwich In My Thursday..... drumroll......................

You stupid ridiculous piece of shit.

This is not my actual car... I stole the pic  from here... you should read it it is pretty funny



Bronnie and family said...

Oh my car is the same. Piece of crap with the bonnet practically falling off. Still waiting to hear if insurance will pay for it, but I'm thinking not. At least it (mostly) gets me from point A to B. Also, can I have a pony mechanic?

Trik82 said...

:o( Hope it's back on the road and not too costly xo

mamabook said...

oh the pain. the pain. my car did same last yr one wk from christmas. michelle

Mummy's Brain said...


Mummy's Brain said...

*Ahem* Obviously, I'm logged into your account right now....