Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Giant Crap Sandwich

Wouldn't keep till Thursday.............. Tuesday edition..............

I know I said see you in the New year but I am far too ticked to let this one wait... I can't even wait until Thursday for this Giant Crap Sandwich.......
I have been tipped over the edge by the incessant..."But muuuummm.... when is the trampoline going to be finished?"

Pickle This

My kids have been busting their A's for a trampoline for roughly four years now.
I have this irrational fear with my kids and trampolines.

 Wrestling was big in our house a few months ago and the results were disastrous... concussion disastrous. Trampolines were just asking for it as far as I was concerned.

Our neighbours kids have a trampoline and I finally gave in when my husband pointed out that it was probably safer to buy them a trampoline than it was for them to scale the back fence to sneak a jump with the neighbours kids.

So reluctantly I head of to Toys R us, pick out the sturdiest looking one... not too big....not too small.... will probably fit that box in the car.....SOLD.

The tramp was wrapped in its box, because Santa ran out of time to assemble it on Christmas eve... or mow the lawn... or pretty much anything I didn't physically do myself till 4:50am....... Thank you "Santa"

After sweltering through a busy Christmas and boxing day trying to squeeze All of the family in, This is a pitfall of being a child of divorce and remarriage Thanks very much  "Damn Hippy's "

So we finally get around  to assembling it the day after or so, by this time the kids are practically breaking open with their need to bounce.

So the Husband Santa and I were assembling with surprising ease steps one through to seven, Then came the part that required 16 poles,........ 8 short and 8 long

Well Mr Toys are us for Action Trampolines... our box contained 12 large poles, and no screws or brackets for steps eight  through to jumping.

I have three very excited children who have waited four years for their mother to lower the safety standard of their backyard, They are ready to jump..... NOW!

Do you know what anarchy is Mr Toys are us?


So by now I am on the phone.......... probably talking to this guy.......

Toys R US!

Who went to get his boss and it Emma's brain he looked like this guy..........

And this it seems.... is their policy for their in incompetence.....

I could drive 40 minutes in my car using my petrol and time at my inconvenience to pick up some of the missing poles, then I could drive home again with half of the missing parts and drive back again some 14 days later to retrieve the rest of the missing parts again at my own expense when the order came in...
if it took my fancy, I could wait until they found a complete from somewhere, then wait an undetermined amount of time for them to get it to where I would then have to drive another 80 minute round trip AND! not only that but I would get to disassemble the half a trampoline my children had been looking longingly at cram in back into the box sturdiness forgot before I left.
And this is all after I have handed over my Five hundred bucks and the rest.....

Gee whiz Geoffrey!

So for the giant crap Sandwich in my Tuesday........................


You are the best!



Danielle said...

couldn't have put it better myself! :-) xxxx

MMBB said...

aww ballls. For this, they will pay a terrible price.

AT least you hadn't tried to set it up on Christmasa Eve, I would've ended up using what poles did come to smash the christmas tree and then go down to Toys R Us and smash in their windows.

Katie said...

Ugh. How annoying. Hope you get some peace soon.

Joni Llanora said...

Oh man, what a hassle! And I can only imagine the scene at your home with the kids' disappointed and all. Talk about Christmas cheer.