Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr Emmasbrain


I have written before about Champ the movelicious other half of mum and dad, ( I am the mum half - for the ones in the back)
                    click here if you need a visual aid or you just want to clap eyeballs on him 

We have recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, and when I say celebrate, I mean acknowledged the day with a folded piece of cardboard courtesy of Hallmark, made a few sarcastic remarks about doing less time for murder, and laughed politely when other people cracked the same funny.
Like I said it has been nine years, and we're tired.

As it is unlikely that that weekend away is happening any time before the kids get lost move out, I am marking the occasion with this post.

My wedding day was one of the best days of my life.

Not everything ran smoothly, The flowers were bruised, the then divorced freaked out flower children were in the same room as free flowing spirits, Aunt Judy's third cousins sister doesn't eat chicken, whatever, the usual saga.
I am not a particularly organised person, The fluffery involved in weddings shits me to tears, and our MC was a bit of a tosser.

I didn't notice any of these things until after the wedding, upon reflection, I was too busy getting married.

I married my best friend, and although like all best friends, quite frankly you can be a tiny a bit of a bitch sometimes. We made a promise and a deals a deal,.......... Also.......that whoever leaves, takes the kids.
                                                                That deal stands.

I realise this voids the need for the above link, But kind people click and I am a PR whore.

 **He would like me to note that he is not a chronic stoner, and that his eyes are red as I insist on keeping a fucking cat.
                                                      He really does love her... I have photographic evidence

                                  I Love That You Still Think I'm Funny.

                                          I Love You



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9.5 years now. Big party in December?