Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Nativity Bandit

I am blogging over at Blog This today, reporting on all of the stalking I have been doing through your blogs this month.
There is a great collection of school holiday activities and tributes to teachers, ...(poor bastards, I have had my kids at home for two days and I am ready to weep...)
Next months theme will be
resolutions... do you make them? Do you keep them?
Send me a link if there is anything you would like to submit.


I'm a Blog This member

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In the mean time we have had a visit from the Nativity Bandit.

No one is owning up to it.
 Baby Jesus and Joseph are still missing.
Darth Vader obviously enjoys the occasional cow tipping escapade.
Doc seems disturbingly happy about the whole ordeal, possibly under the influence by the look of him.
High -ho indeed.

Hmmmmm......... will keep you posted.

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