Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seven is my Lucky number.

I have found another reason, that I think I could believing The Oprah's Poor version life,

We have had a new addition to my rapidly multiplying, dysfunctional family recently, and No... not me.
 no no no no no.......
          My dad has given me a brand new little sister. Well not my Dad physically, ... But his wonderful yoga teaching better half.
 This now means there are seven of us in total.
I am not even sure if I can technically claim middle child syndrome any more?

      Our family has always been a little different... remember?
Apart from vomiting in my mouth just a little bit over the thought of my dad still being able to reproduce, I have been very excited about it all.
 It is more like waiting for a new niece or nephew, hanging anxiously by the phone and the excitement of sniffing up the new baby smell, and the long cuddles, a free pass to goo and gaa over the tiny little clothes, with all the advantage of being able to hand them back.

What is amazing, is being able to see my dad as a new dad.
Nature does a wonderful job at delaying long term memory long enough for the new parents to get their arse in to gear, and by the time that happens, your parents have had enough experience to exude a reasonable amount of confidence in that they know what they are doing.
I guess it is why you tend to view your parents, like they almost know it all, mostly have the answers... much like my children blindly view me.

Poor little buggers.

So it has been pretty cool see him fluffing and freaking asking hilarious questions like " can you touch the back of their head?"


It got me thinking about how very ageist many of us are (is that even a word?)
In fact, I do believe my above vomit reference could be considered a little ageist.

My dad was in wee 20's when he had me, He is certainly young enough to have more children, It was cool when Madonna did it right?

I have observed my dad of late, occasionally fending off even well wishers subtle age remarks with a grin and a nod, and that made me a little bit sad.

I don't know if I was sad for my dad  or me, probably both, because it was a little reminiscent of when I had my eldest son Groover, when I was seventeen, It's like your age has taken a little bit of the glow off of the brand new baby shine.

I don't know about you, but I plan on aging disgracefully.

If I am in it, it's still In My day!

That was a lesson I learnt from my dear not so old Dad,
I hope my new little sister and my kids soak that up too.

Emma xx

 This very well could have been a possibility.. no?


Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Yup ageist is a word :)
My uncle had a baby when he was in his '60's... the vomit in the mouth thing definitely happened over here too!
Congrats on new sisterhood :)

Kristy said...

Congrats to you! That is a unique perspective to have - to see your father as a new father again.

Mrs Woog said...

Wow! Congrats.

Tenille @ Help!Mum said...

Congratulations :-)

We've copped a bit of the ageist thing; my husband was 46 when my daughter was born. He's even been asked if he was her grandfather.

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Thanking you all Muchly for the kind congrats, I am sure my dad will cop the grandpa thing too... only he is a grandpa... good on them all I say

River said...

My exhusband was 47 and a grandpa when his new little girl was born just two months before his second grandchild.