Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Airing my dirty Laundry.....

Time for telling it like it is- a- la Charlie Sheen.

There seems to be a slight mania in the air...... 
 Never one to miss an ride the manic express, I have a rant of my own.

I have a little dirty Laundry to air.

I have this thing... It started about two years ago... I was getting ready to move house and was doing the necessary pre move turf out.
I got to my clothes...... and eventually my underwear drawer.
I sat there inspecting pair after pair of unsightly briefs, you name it I had it... beige, pink polka dot, some leopard print purple, beige, used to be white... beige...
Who decided beige was a good colour for underwear? You can call it flesh toned if you like, but the truth is no ones flesh is that colour... and if you were actually wearing something that necessitated having flesh toned underwear... beige briefs just aren't going to cut it are they?
Think about it... is showing your boring blandies any less embarrassing than your bum crack?

Just what you were looking for?.. I do beg your pardon, I nicked the pick from here

Each to their own.

Me? I chucked the lot of them, I kept one in case of emergency and only kept the good ones... Matching, sexy, flattering good ones.
It was part of making every day a celebration... a special occasion.

This is great and all, It's also a lot more expensive...Problem is it has become a little more expensive of late,  this expense is my dirty little secret.......

My fricken dog.... has started chewing my underwear... OK... puppies chew things, but the crotch specifically.
Our perverted pooch is hunting down my unmentionables and chomping the crotch out.... just mine!
This is both disgusting and disturbing to me.
Also a little embarrassing.

Why?.... anyone???
Cesar Milan? Are you there?

To celebrabrate Airing my dirty laundry and the career of Charlie Sheen.....

I am having a give away!
Bosisto's have given me a supply of Euco Fresh Laundry Powder, and because they are also sharing and caring people, perhaps caught up in a little air mania.. they want to give some away!

I have 6 packs of Bosisto's Euco Fresh Ultra Concentrate Laundry Powder, suitable for both Front and Top loading machines.

A 1.5kg box will give you 40 washes, hot or cold, is garden safe and low allergenic.
It is made with pure 100% Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil, and smells Divine.... but best of all it is 100% Australian made and owned.

Are you trying to unload your shonky goods onto me I hear you ask?
No Paranoid Pete, and I'll tell you why.

I tried this Laundry powder and I Loved it... It washes just as well as my usual washing powder, the whites a little better, It smells unbelievable! the smell is slight on your clothes after washing, but they smell fresh.

It also makes my washing machine smell of eucalyptus. I have a front loader and for the safety of the cat and small children, I have to keep it closed all the time and it gets a funky musty smell really quickly, especially in the heat, but it smells like Blinky Bill farted his eucalyptus freshness in there, every time I open it now.
Not sold?

It's environmentally friendly, there are no insolubles or fillers, is grey water friendly and has no synthetic perfumes or dyes.- Safer for the dog in my case.

Check them out HERE
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You want some?- Fine print?

Australian Residents only- sorry guys.
Air your Dirty Laundry in the comments section below, If you don't have any.. firstly- Liar liar pants on fire, secondly- This will do-       yes, yes ... very funny, gimmie.

Link it on your Facebook- One bonus entry

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To ensure your bonus entries are included please leave a SEPERATE comment.
This is for the fairness of
 random generator purposes, and
 so I know you have done so!...
once again... we do check so look alert!
Happy Airing

Winners picked by Random Generator Friday 11.03.11 at 11 am - ish and will be announced HERE.

Bosisto's have a fab newsletter full of hints and tips and prizes.
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Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

What can I say?
I wear tummy hugger granny knickers and started wearing them before I left my teens. They are super, but when my shirt gets lifted up by accident, be it the washing basket hooking on it while I lift it, or just lifting my own shirt to flash my goodies at the neighbour, even hubby cringes when he spies my abnormally large & boring knickers. Hmm, sorry Mr. M but it's better than you sitting down and having your arse hair bared to the world!!

Mich said...

I gotta agree with Tara, grannies all the way!
And they don't disappear into your arse crack either.

Mich said...

And I've tweeted (@Knowmich)

Anonymous said...

I've used this washing powder and its great... will never use anything else ever again.... As for the dog maybe your'e on heat... bahahaha

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

I tweeted [@Our__Adventures]

:) :)

~ Mands! (on-a-mission) ;o) said...

Got the nana knickers AND the bum crack separators ~ is that too much information? Dare I go further and say so has the husband... Bwah ha ha - well he does!

Off to be a twit...

~ Mands! (on-a-mission) ;o) said...

And I've been a twit and twittered ~ @mandsmission

Mumma's Mini Me's - Kym said...

Oh my you really made me laugh!!! I am so glad I have found you! I have all the above mentioned underwear! Right now since my c-section 8 weeks ago I have the large granny/Bridget Jones underwear on as it is pure comfort factor and so nothing can irritate my scar and usually I wear boring underwear as why is it pretty underwear either ends up you bum crack or cutting into you! Also wanted to add that it must be a male thing that they all comment on beige underwear! My hubby actually calls them my Granny Undies! I found you through Glowless and I am follower now :) Love for you to visit me sometime www.mummasminimes.blogspot.com

Mich said...

just tweeted again, grannie knickers and all. @knowmich

lifeasmummymax said...

my dog used to do the same thing lol except she used to go hide them once she got them. (very uncomfortable if we he had visitors and they found a pair that i hadnt found first)

Donna @ NappyDaze said...

Considering I'm in the throes of toilet training a the moment all my dirtiest laundry seems to be revolving around my son's constantly stained underwear...! Does that count?

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I love Bosisto's stuff Emma. You really cracked me up :)
I have piles of dirty laundry with 4 males including a 17yr teenager who keeps those 'Ahem' magazines in the bottom drawer of the vanity ...I never want to touch his undies ...ewww.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I tweeted too ...