Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't diss my dysfunction.....

vintage cleaning

 Have any of you met Fly Lady?

This wonderful lady fills my inbox with good intentions 485 times a day.

She has this theory that you will never again have to dart around in a mad rush like Martha Stewart on crack when you get the unexpected drop in call, if your house was clean and tidy to begin with..........


I don't mean to poke fun, I envy this lady and her organised shininess.

Fly Lady previously suffered from C.H.A.O.S
Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome

This site is dedicated to the the about face she did on her life and home, It offers advice and planning to keep your house eye stingingly clean.

I suffer from S.H.A.O.S.B.D.A.I.Y.D.L.I.D.D.I
Shouldn't Have Anyone Over,.. But Do Anyway, and If You Don't Like It Don't Drop In.

It's not that I don't appreciate a clean house.... I just Hate doing it.

This is emmasbrain  Top three half arse attempts at house work.

Da da da daaaaaah......

Washing Caught up with you?

Put a blanket on it... Out of site out of mind

Kids Broke it, but still need somewhere to put you mulberry tree paper parasol?

Turn It around..... (If you like... you could finish painting the door before you post pictures of it on the Internet... whatever rocks your Casbah)

Cant bear to pick it all up again for the fourteenth time today?

                                                                        My Favorite.....
Shut the door and pretend it's clean.

Do you have one?

Fail sign1

Population me




Di said...

My fav is putting on the crap on the floor into the botton of the wardrobe and closing the door. Our ensuite is so flilthy that I am keep a couple of made up excuses on hand in case someone ask to use it.

whatsinemmasbrain said...

I love that Di... I also utilise the bottom of my wardrobe and once accidently shut my cat in there for 22 hours.

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

Hahaha BUSTED.
I redecorated my son's room today [as mentioned in my FYBF post] and it looks nice, until you open the wardrobe door and see the half arsed job I did of throwing his clean clothes in there without folding it.

Sarah said...

I love the closed door approach, except for some reason my hubby always has to show people around the house & they end up seeing the disaster zone that is my bedroom.

I also like hiding dirty dishes in the oven ;)

Starfish said...

Yes, yes and yes. Great post. Inspirational even. Closed doors, blankets over washing, and dirty dishes in the oven are actually part of my daily routine.. I began to write about my real shockers here, but you've given me so much inspiration that I've turned it into a whole post, with credits and links back to you of course...

It’s here if you wanna look :)

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Shoving things behind doors is the only way I clean. I still have Tricky's basinette in our bedroom even though he's been in his own room in a cot for months. His basinette is now a clean clothes stand.

cjtato said...

Love it! I'm knew I wasn't the only one that suffered from S.H.A.O.S.B.D.A.I.Y.D.L.I.D.D.I.

And just for the record how long did it take you to work that out because I've had *ahem* some wine and I decided to copy and paste it. ;p