Friday, February 4, 2011

Giant Crap Sandwich- I give up, I'm calling the guy.

I am currently sharing my home with with several million fleas..........
I shit you not. The creepy bloodsucking tapeworm dispensers have bought up property all through my carpet, rugs, laundry and grass.

This pisses me off for several reasons.

The first is that I recently purchased this house... It is an old house, on the top of a hill, on a fabulous sized block with fantastic views... This house among several hundred other things, also had no garden, several holes in the wall, half a kitchen and was painted in a depressing shade of yellow..... everywhere....
 I know right?
How do you take the most cheerful colour in the spectrum and turn it into a stormy night at the old abandoned amusement park? It can be done.

Point is, I have become a little bit obsessed with DIY.

DIY Pest control was new territory for me, I have been known to interpretive dance my way around the house weiding a can of bug gas, spraying toxins and swears after flys and white tip spiders
 like the crazy cat lady I am.... This and a shoe,.... never mine.
...Oh and letting my children practice their armpit farts into the loudspeker of the phone to the lovely people at stay and eat something or something, when they call me 18 times a week at the uncanny time of the most inconvenient moments of my day. 

The giant crap Sandwich in my Thursday on Friday, .. up yours DIY Pest Control.
This is why.

I left several outlets, on two separate occasions flea bombless as the fleabomb shelf was bare, I was not alone in my battle.
On the third occasion I jumped up and down with delight at the sight of the beautiful purple can stocked on the shelf..... I should have just called the guy.... but no.
About $16 for two cans..... OK..... reading the back it appeared I needed 15....... Rude...... and I need to do under the house.. a new product...$28.95 and I would have to treat the grass ......$40 flat.

DIY total cost = $196.95

Should have called the pest place.

Next DIY pitfall, I had to give the kids and intensive DR Phill toned chat, reassuring them that no one would be bombing their rooms.....

Yellow pages Emma, It's not that hard.

OK bobs set and ready, then I had to leave my flea infested abode with three kids and one husband on the day global warming decided to have an I told you so hissy fit, with 47 degree heat, all after I dropped off our freshly bathed, front lined, hopefully flea free menagerie at various safety houses.

Ever bathed a cat?

How about just call them now?

I returned to my house that now smelt less like new paint and more like the underneath of someones cast and burning,......... but thus far.. flea free.
I vacuumed and grinned.
I could add  Pest control to my list of DIY accomplishments.

We were flea free for three whole days

How about I call the pest control?... Or how about I do it all again like a dick head?

Flea free for one week.

I give up... I'm calling the guy.

DIY = $393.90
The shits
8 hours I will never get back.

Local recommended Pest control company = $120
+ one phone call - free on our current phone plan.
3 hours.

Up yours DIY...... UP YOURS.



Jacki said...

This post made me laugh! I'm the kinda gal who wants to 'call they guy' when I need to take the bins out! My husband, however, likes to think he can fix ANYTHING! He probably can, but the problem is that he never has time to do it, so our jobs sit there for months....waiting! Glad to hear you're getting it sorted!

Hear Mum Roar said...

LOL! This cracked me up! I'm amazed how much dearer it is to do it yourself! That's bloody highway robbery!!