Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Groover.

Groover you are 12 today.
at 2:10 pm Twelve years ago, a family was born.

My water had broken, the day before, but you took your time getting ready and not much has changed.

I remember waking your dad to tell him that I'd either wet the bed or the baby was coming.
Your dad jumped out of bed too quickly, and then he nearly fainted, and had to have a sit down.
Your birth was tough on your dear old dad.

He came out in a nervous rash and needed some medication of his own.
He stuck it out to the end though, and I had never seen such a proud dad.
He couldn't stop crying happy tears when he looked at you for the whole first day.
He kept saying... "wow, he looks just like my dad, look at him...." over and over grinning in awe of you.

I had never seen such a beautiful baby, 7lb 2oz of the sweetest smell I had ever breathed in.
The nurses took you to the nursery so I could get some sleep because I wouldn't stop staring at you for the whole first night.
"No you must get some rest" they said as they wheeled you down the hall in your plastic bed.

I had peered in on many babies, laying in those plastic beds, but I had never seen a baby as perfect as you.

We gave you your Poppy's name as your middle name, you looked just like him, red and wrinkled..like a grumpy old man... he he
We would even part your hair the same way as poppy... all that beautiful dark hair........

I don't know how, but I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I put my hand on my belly, like I had done every morning when you were nestled inside.
Half asleep, I remembered you were born.
 I couldn't wait to get to the nursery to see you. I remember thinking... what if I choose the wrong baby... what If I cant remember which one was mine?... but at the same time I was walking to the nursery, the nurse was wheeling you back, and there was no mistaking you..... the most beautiful baby I had ever seen..... you had just woken for a feed.

We are still in sync like that you and I.

I love you mate, and I hope you have the Best Birthday ever.

From the Family that loves you so much,

The family that began with you.



Newmumma said...

Ahhh that sweet newborn smell :) Doesn't last long enough!

EmmaK said...

ooh stop it you're making me feel all broody!!

Veggie Mama said...

How gorgeous! I can't wait for mine to come out so I can have hugs :)

So Now What? said...

Oh, that is beautiful. xx