Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh How?

Its Groovers first day of a week long school camp.
This is the longest he has ever been away from home.
I married Groovers Dad after Groover was born and we even took him on our honeymoon... I had some major attatchment issues, Thankfully though, I had two more, and nothing cures attachment issues faster than having three..... especially when they realise they out number you.

I have the same amount of worry, it is just spread out between the three.

I guess I am a little over protective when it comes to my kids, especially groover. He is older than his younger brother by six years, he is always the first to do everything.

School, Catching the bus, sleep overs and week long school camps.

These are great things for him, great memories and important character building things!

He is such a laid back kid, a good kid... never much trouble.

He is going to love camp and
 I am excited for him.

These I am OK with.

Its the other things I struggle with... walking to the shops on his own, Riding his bike or scooter on and across roads.... These are all things that one way or another I am just going to have to get over.
Groover starts high school next year, Year 7........

I couldn't bear it if he were that kid... the one that is never allowed to do anything.......

I was certainly walking to the shop at his age, riding my bike up and down the road to visit school friends and neighbours.... I played on the railway tracks, I climbed ridiculously large trees an unsturdy structures, I got knocked by a car on my bike, I fell out of trees, I had stitches.......

I wish I could give that kind of an experience to my son,

What I want to know is....

How do I send my son on his bike to visit a friend who lives a ten minute bike ride away, when Books for dealing with child abduction and assault are sold in book chain stores?

When I see the see the near misses and crazy bullshit from drivers, when I am driving around my home town?

When I see news story after news story of the sickening goings on in the world...

The list is long, dark..... tragic and long. 

When I was growing up, The Midwife and my little brother would climb on top of the old Cortina, clamber on top of the carport then jump of the end into a pile of old carpet............
We learned how to climb....... where to walk.... how to fall.

Do you know what my Dad would say when he came outside to call us for dinner?

"Oi!.... careful for nails sticking up in the roof.... only walk where the beams are... have you been jumping into that old carpet?.... I am going to have to bath you again now... you'll be itchy!... dinners ready, wash your hands.........

How was his biggest concern the fact he would have to bath us again?

How do I do that?

How do I teach my children to be careful of rusty nails, only walk atop of the beams... how will they learn how to fall?

On August 19 1992, I was 10.
 I walked home from school every day.
On August 19 1992 .Ebony Simpson was 9, and lived in a town a 10 minute drive from me, and attended a neighbouring school.  
Ebony walked home from The bus stop too, she was abducted assaulted and killed.
They found her body a five minute drive from where I lived.
I remember school Assembly's, the bright stranger danger stickers, The stern voice of teachers furrowing their brows, the note taking on strange cars,  the worry on parents faces,.......... the whispering.

Not many of us walked home from school for a while after that.
Not as many things were ever taken for granted again.

These unheard of tragic events were not so unheard of any more,
or ever again.

I will have to let go, so that my kids will learn to walk to the shop, deal with traffic, strangers, ride their bikes, climb and fall.

These issues are mine, it is not fair to them.......

But how?

This is a different time, with different dangers and different rules.... Has any one made them yet?



Liz said...

All these things scare the shit out me too. I have no idea how to deal with it.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Oh this is a hard one. Is a fine line to walk and we all need to find our own paths.

Sarah said...

I have no idea either & it's something I worry about. My five year old keeps saying "when I walk to school...." sorry kiddo but you've been there a week it's not happening any time soon.