Monday, March 21, 2011

The Birth of Photo Bomb AusBlogCon2011

Just Wow.
The Australian Bloggers Conference is officially over.
 Before I curl up in a heap with a box of Kleenex and start crossing off the days till Ausblogcon2012 in the calender with a big arse red texta... I thought I would share my Journal of events.... Remember Journals?.. They were like this, only with the comments disabled.
Sharers are Carers.

 Friday 18/03/2011

BTW I wore this........

Arrive at The Bayview Boulevard, ooohhh la la...Trying to look as graceful as I can and mustering up all coordination, I do not possess to make it through the fancy revolving door.
Then I go and grab my room key just in time to see someone enter with a huge bag like mine.. through the normal door...located next to the revolving door.

A man from the hotel said something to me from across the lobby, smiled, then answered his phone, I didn't hear what he said, he is now on the phone, my bags are heavy and I spent the last hour and a half on the City Rail Limo train, sitting next to someone that smelt like four different types of cheese.
So I do what I usually do in this situation. Smile, nod and say something that sounds a little like this...
"Wha?Huhaaahhh haaa... yeah... "
I spend the next 10 minutes standing in the elevator, wondering why the stupid button was broken.
Then I realise that I need to swipe my room key... My guess is, .....this is what hotel guy was on about..

I arrive at my room... more Ooh la la to my fantabulous Roomie...................

RRSAHM- In said elevator.

Ps- This is what the 23rd floor looks like.

I did the best I could tarting myself up and It was off for drinks with the fantastic folk at Nuffnang.
I don't just say that because they are currently paying me.. (checked out Bambi yet?... It's on the left <-------)
I say that because these guys genuinely rock and sure do know how to partake in a PART-AAY!
Arriving at

SOHO Potts Point

I am donned with the glow stick of free cocktails and promptly grab myself a Mojito.
 They were divine... a little too divine..... I headed to the nuffy area and nearly squealed when I saw a huge bed set up in the middle of the room, sparkling from the reflection of a huge mirror ball hanging above it... Sipping away with the absolutely gorgeous Fi from Calm Blue Ocean, and Glowless from Where's my glow?
Not only do these guys blog with big guns... but they are SPUNKY!
I was feeling pretty good, meeting some fabulous people... when across the room I spot her... It couldn't be... It Is!!! It's Mrs Woog! from Woogsworld (-and fellow mastermind of Photo bomb ausblogcon2011)

The one and only.
I tried my best not to act like a stalker and casually waltzed up to bar... Stopped in front of her and said "Mrs Woog!... she took a minute (to check out my lanyard) then there was much squealing and jumping and hugging, after a few minutes I discovered she is as cool in real life as she is in her blog and I couldn't have been more excited.
Let the inappropriateness begin..........
I was introduced to the rockin Sawhole.. also of Woogsworld fame.
 They seriously are not the same person! ( shut up.. you totally thought that too....)  and just like when Eric eats a banana... Photo Bomb Ausblogcon2011 was born.

I am not even at the conference yet!
I must rest now... this hangover is killing me.

Stay Tuned For Saturday coming soon.


Psssssst If we happened to photo bomb one of your photo's.. please send me a copy ?mailto:?

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