Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream on.

I went a little AWOL this week, I do that from time to time.
I find it just as irritating as the people around me... although it is occasionally necessary,  most of the time it's the same old self sabotage is as self sabotage does.
I have this whole avoidance issue, when things get too much...
I'm working on it.

I have had a lot on my mind and as a consequence,
 I have been having these bizarre-oh and vivid dreams, some of them are hilarious, some are disturbing.
I am usually good at figuring my dreams out, I keep a dream journal and it fascinates me how the whole dream process works.. I am a geek like that.

vintage children

I am going to share one that was both hilarious and disturbing..
 But first!
I have some business to attend to.......

It has come to my attention that I didn't give an end date to the Euca Fresh Comp.
At first I was indignant... yes I did!...... and then I checked and no..... I didn't!... Sorry bout that, and thanks for letting me know! xx
It finishes This Friday, The 11th at 10am.
  I promise I will VLOG announce... I have been itching to use some footage from this Awards Season....The Academy Awards were Gold.... Its almost like they want me to make fun..
Business finished.

 I have been keeping this dream journal for a while now and I like to think I am pretty good at figuring them out... usually.
I cant figure this one out ......can you?
The other night.... I had a dream ..... explicit in nature?.....
 about this guy

Mr Marshal Mathers.
I Know!..This wasn't even the disturbing part...
The dream went a little like this......I for some reason or another... I don't know what...
 I was at this woman's house.....

I don't think I actually saw her or spoke to her.... but for some reason, she had invited me to her house, which strangely enough was an exact duplicate of my Uncle Brian's old house, 3 bed brick veneer.....This wasn't at all strange to me.

 Any way I was there..... , and we were having some sort of party.. and by party, I mean The midwife, my Bestie Kez, Paul McCartney's and I , ........and Ga Ga was somewhere in her house.... In my dream.. it was a rocking party.
You following?

So The midwife, my bestie Kez and I were sitting , talking and sipping fine wine, that in my dream tasted like Dr Pepper..( I hate Dr Pepper) and in walked my husband.

I walked up to him and gave him a smooch, and out of nowhere.. this guy comes barreling over Ga Ga's couch and punches my husband square in the nose, screaming... "get off my wife you SOB."

The midwife stood up, pulled a kitten out from her jacket pocket, and ran our the front door.

 My Bestie turned to me and said.. "What were you thinking kissing this man in front of your husband?"

I turned to the man who punched the man I thought was my husband, and it was Mr Mathers.
Apparantly I was married to the Real Slim Shady... and Paul McCartney's was helping my real life hubby off of the floor.

Mr Mathers marched me into the kitchen.. which at some point had turned into my Lounge room.
He kissed me.. told me we had just had sex and he was very sorry.... and I thought to myself..
Why would Eminem call real life hubby a SOB?... he uses more colourful language in everyday conversation?Then I woke up.

No more Award Ceremony's for me.

Can any one riddle me this one? Ever had a weird vivid dream?


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Mrs Woog said...

Oh my god! That is one bizarre dream x