Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saturday- Want to scratch my ringworm?

Saturday 19/03/11 Very AM

I finally get ready for bed, after a quick chat with, quite possibly my favorite blogger, Eden from Edenland and the fabulously fantastic Brenda.. The one we all have to thank for the whole shindig.(along with the wonderfully inspiring VeronicaNicole, Karen, Tina)
Things were feeling a little surreal

 I'm not too sure how but we ended up discussing Cuke-hini's ( a cross between a cucumber and a zuchini ) and whether or not Eden had ever dated my husband,  BTW My husband apologises profusely.... just in case...
Back in the hotel room, I was in my Jarmies.
I looked over at one of my oldest and dearest friends.

This moment was momentous for her.
She smiled back at me, I had seen that smile somewhere before, I had almost forgotten that it once had looked like that.
 It reminded me of teenage sleepovers, curled up in bed, talking about jerks. I nearly burst.
I wasn't nervous any more.... I was excited... Let's Do It!!!!!!!!!!
Then there was a spontaneous and beautiful,  little bit of this.......
Then.. seriously, we had to get some sleep.

Said beautiful roomie and I both managed to crap up setting our alarms.. I blame Nuffnang.

Luckily I am programed to wake up at the break dance of dawn, thanks to my lovely offspring... at 7 05 very briefly.. then again at 7 25 and we really had to get up.
After gently poking and prodding ..."Loz....Loz....Loz........" I resorted to throwing open the blinds and yelling.. "get up bitch!.... Breakfast"
I knew the mention of food would rouse her.
Let the Conference begin!
It was AMAZING! I ate way too much, I learnt so much, saw so much,and met many beautiful people.
I was privy to hearing inspiring and beautiful writing, the way that they were meant to be read, by the very person that wrote them.
I laughed, I cried... (again with the Kleenex), and there was a rumour that I may have been doodling a certain panelist naked......#PHWAR 
I became tattooed with heels and swears By Magneto Bold Too... (These do not wash off... I had to attend a parent teacher interview on Tuesday with "I'm a Biatch on my chest")
 I left with a thousand goodies.

Way too quickly, It was time for shenanigans... So many shenanigans..... at the After party.
 I will say this off the record.

A Photobombing agreement may or may not have been made..
I may or may not have become infatuated by the stunningly beautiful Nikki Parkinson from Styling you,
 I was a member of the dirty smokers lounge,... 
I might have possibly been stalking Alison Tait from Life In a Pink Fibro,
I can confirm that there was nut bushing,
 I may have wee'd a little bit in delight... (you know... I was jumping), at the sight of
 I do believe I sat upon the naughty table, nudge nudge Maid in Australia
I can confirm I made lewd gestures involving a strawberry with the absolutely gorgeous Where's My Glow
At some stage I may have sported a crouton mustache and I managed, with the help of Lori, to stamp my twitter handle on a total of 374 people... not bad. (@emmasbrain if you missed it.)

If that wasn't too much fun

It was time for the After-After Party at The Sugar Mill, with the Fabulous Nuffnang Gang, Loz of course, The very stalk worthy Toushka, and OMG!!....OMG!!! Danni Mezza.

It was here that we may have been playing a game of Importance, also the heels tattoo on my neck came in very handy for a Game called feel my ringworm. You ask someone to close their eyes and take one finger and run it over the fake tattoo... when they feel the scaly crustiness you reply... "feel My Ringworm
 I can confirm I got beer dripped in the face... Yeah, in the face.. The joys of being short.
I danced and Sang badly." I......had.....the time of my life................"

OK ....time for the stuff you really want
 the pics.....

Lori, Glowless, Good Golly Miss Holly

He he he


Fi and Holly

The dirty smokers lounge
Suck it

Caus you are the wind beneath my dress... Sawhole

My Twitter Handle Stamp


More wind beneath my dress

Who got stamped... fess up?

Want to feel my ringworm?



cjtato said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Wish I had grown a set and booked myself in. ;p

Lynda said...

Emma! It was so great meeting you. Who'd have thought that after sitting by you at the conference and giggling at Mrs. Woogs tweets that we'd end up drinking way too much until the early hours that same night! Let me know when you are Lori are down in Melbourne! Lynda x

Ms Styling You said...

thank god for instagram, you can't actually tell that it's the tuckshop part of my arm that is causing the camera shake!

Toushka Lee said...

yay! I got a mention!! woohoooo.

a pleasure to meet you Emma. I especially enjoy meeting people my height.

Joni Llanora said...

I am so feeling the greatness of this event across the blogoshpere. Thanks for sharing the photos. Seems like I missed out big time.

Veronica said...

Your photos have got me smiling all over again!

Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

I just want to go and get drunk with everyone again. Best fucking night ever!