Friday, March 25, 2011

Words From My Childhood Dictionary

                                                     The weekend is near, I can smell it.
To celebrate,  I would like share a few
Words from my childhood Dictionary-

~ (Can / Cuss)
Amyis Winehouseiess
A word used to describe anything festering
"That apple in the bottom of you bag is Cankas"

~ (Vin / ee )
Saint Vin-cient De Paul-ies
Used to decribe anything Cheesy, Displeasing to the eye, Or any cringeworthy behaviour from another individual.
Warm brown and orange, Liquorice allsorts.... or this pose,
Commonly described as the Ahoy captain
Thanks David

G.T Stripes
~( G / T / Stripes )
Snottiest- Nosiest

Used to describe The two trails of snot that run down the upper lip of a sick child.
A true GT Stripe would contain dirt and sand from a sand pit.

Pic from here

Itchy Scrot
`( Itch / ee / Scrot )
Educus- Jiggiess

A reason given to describe any unlawful absence from School or work
"Oh no.. Susan is not here,.... bad case of Itchy Scrot."

Tell me I am not alone, Do you have any?


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