Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Carob, Its almost nothing like chocolate.

When I was a kid, at Easter time we would wake and run to the window to see if the Easter Bunny had been. Our eggs were deposited by the Easter Bunny in our garden.
I still remember the feeling I would get when I saw the shiny, brightly coloured foil wrapped around chocolate, sparkling behind the greenery of the garden plants.
Golden Bunnies would be hidden in the mandarin tree as a subconscious reminder from the hippies not to forget the goodness of winter fruits.

One year, the hippies were in the midst of what I like to call... Woodstock Over drive. The Easter Bunny visited that year... but he was wise to the effects of artificial colours and flavours, processed and refined sugars were bad kids... mmmmkay? So this year, he made Carob eggs!! It's the same as chocolate..... almost.

I'm telling you now, carob is nothing like chocolate, for one thing, ... the colour of it barley passed for brown...it was salty for fucks sake, at least flavour it with orange or mint.

Carob is almost the same as the chocolate that fell on the floor of the chocolate factory and they rinsed the chocolate they swept up in brine and sea water.

I still remember being exited about finding them, they were still shiny, they were still fun.
The Midwife, little brother and I had this game we would play with our Easter eggs, ... we would make an Easter egg school, divide our eggs into colour groups and the bunny's would be the teachers, we would eat the eggs that were sent to detention or broke participating in various egg hurling sporting events......

Obviously at the peak of our creativity, we called this game School's.

You could still play school's with Carob eggs, Detention had never been less rewarding.

I want my kids to have that experience... (The egg hunt in the garden).  This does however require far more effort... Easter Egg dispatch is like playing a game of chicken with a sleeping child.

You cannot place the eggs the night before as they would get wet or eaten by roaming wildlife.
So you must time your delivery perfectly... not too early... they will still get wet... but earlier than your child will wake, It cannot be out there for too long... it may melt or feed a large colony of ants for eight years..

So the game of chicken begins.
You lay there.. its freezing... The sun is just beginning to rise...you open one eye and check the clock... Its 6:08... you must now decide whether you can hit snooze and risk that your children may wake in these ten more glorious minutes? Or do you get up and do it now?
What do you do......punk?

We had a bit of a carob Easter this year..... So It was such a beautiful sight to see my kids faces light up when they saw the shiny foil....... and guess what.....

Mr E. Bunny still hides them in the mandarin tree.....

Hope you had a great Easter..


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Miss Pink said...

An idea is forming. This disgusting carob chocolate...if i only ever feed that to my kids then they will think chocolate is disgusting and never ask for it. Right? Right.
Loved this. Cracked me up! My parents are complete hippies also.