Saturday, April 9, 2011

Emmas Brain Rocks Wilma Shumann

So! Last Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited to a fabulous Product Party for Wilma Shumann European Skin Care, sponsored by Split Rock Wine, Huge thanks to uber Fabbo The Mother Media for the invite.

It was at this party, we were wined.. cheesed,.... wined...... fluffed up with collagen, Cleansed, Toned then wined... Moisturised...then given some more wine.
My job sucks right?
I was of course exercising my inflated sense of self importance, all over the place, in fabulous company.

The more wine I drank, the harder this became.

Traditionally, wine tasting involves the tasting of wine, swishing it around your pallet and daintily spitting it into some sort of silver bucket, pausing in between each year to cleanse with cheese and grapes.
I learned several things that night, the first of them being... Mummy bloggers don't spit their wine, we guzzle it and cram crackers with cheese in our mouths in between sips. 
After a few glasses, I was convinced that people are allowed to make up words when tasting and describing wine, It seems that as long as it is an adjective, you can use it.

I also learned that I must get my hand on some of this.....

If I am completely honest, I was concerned that this event may have been the equivalent of a Mary Kaye Party on Crack. I was pleasantly surprised however.
This baby puffed up my pillow crease rendering it unrecognisable.

Feeling a little fluffier and a little too tipsy, we rocked on to the Oaks Hotel, Neutral Bay, It was there that Mr Emma's Brain joined the party... This was the first time he had met  any of these Fabulous ladies and if I were at all worried, my fears were eased when Mrs Woog greeted him with a squealing Mr Emma's Brain!!!!
I think this was the first time he had even been addressed in public as his blog character...... and do you know what?... I think he liked it.......
He told me as much when we were leaving, he said... " I really had fun with you and your Woo Girls.
Woo girls? I enquired... you know... someone says "wine" or "food" or Mark Pollard and you gals go Wooooooo!
It's about as complimentary as he gets.
Feeling a little under the weather from all the wine I made my way home, on a high from visiting with my Woo girls, pampering and of course, the wine.
I also have to say another huge thank you to The Divine Ms W, who allowed me to make a detour on the way home so that she could shove water down my throat and was gracious enough to give me a tour of the Woog abode... let me tell you one thing... I am not Inviting Mrs Woog to my crap shack any time soon... her digs are divine!

Official Pics Here

The Woo Clan......

My Weekend



Sarah said...

OMG is Brenda photo bombing Mrs Woog???

Looks like you girls had a great time, I hope you had one of those wines for me ;)

Mrs Woog said...

I got photo bombed (and bombed) good and proper x

edenland said...

Is that hot guy your husband? I'm pretty sure I haven't had sex with him, whew!

Love the Woo Girls. Love it. Like, the Wu Tang Clan.


Brenda said...

You totally rocked it,

And *ahem* I didn't photobomb Mrs Woog. The wine made me do it.