Saturday, April 2, 2011

I remember when Easter was free

It has been one of those weeks, I haven't even written an email of thanks to the amazing Sawhole for her awesome photo bombing guest post... the second most popular post of all time mind you!!!!

My children had a mufti day last Friday.... a donation of an Easter egg raffle was given at he gate.
I bought a pack, not unlike this at Coles and nearly fell over when I learned the price.

$14.50 for 600gms.

It got me thinking about the lovely time when my husband worked for Cadbury... back in the day when Easter was free.
Then I remembered this and had to share it.

This is my hubby.... (Caramello) and his mate..... a typical day in the office.

I ripped it from you tube..... I am sure he wont mind.



Mich said...

i totally get you about easter being free. when i was a kid my dad used to work in the big factories over christmas and easter, and he used to bring home cakes and donuts from Herbert Adams and every type of chocolate that they made at Rowntree's.

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

Okay that price for chocolates is ridiculous!
Love the videos, too! Definitely "lol" worthy!! :)

Kellie said...

Easter used to be free for me too - when I was a kid and Mum bought all the chocolate.

Now I have two of my own, Easter is just another big fat hole in my wallet. Le sigh.