Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Uninvited two cents

Let's Talk About Sex Baby
So needless to say this one is rated O for Over share.
That means you cant read it Dad... mmmmkay?

Sex in film's is often portrayed to be a seamless dance, The clothes and panties fall effortlessly to the floor and there is never any awkwardness, just sweaty, noisy and passionate sex. The women fling their hair around and the guys grunt a little then the actors always fall exhausted and satisfied in a heap on the bed... the sheets and the duve miraculously bunch in all of the right places covering breasts of the women and sitting just above the snail trail of pubes on the guys.... and.......cut. Perfect.

Panties never get snagged from rolling down your thigh.. becoming thigh cuffs and cutting off the circulation, there is never any talk of... "to the left... no up  a... bit... no that's my arse hole... no one ever kneels on the foxtel remote and I am yet to see a single sex scene with a fanny fart.

If I flung my hair around in any sort of fashion mid coitus... almost guaranteed I would head but my husband... or the corner of the bedside table..... When it's over... the sheets are not neatly bunched in all the right places... they are scrunched down the side of the bed and retrieving them launches a missile attack of lost dummies and Polly pockets..... My tits aren't discreetly covered... they are left to run their separate ways down my chest like two undercooked poached eggs.

In my head however, it is very similar to the movies... I don't really want to see what it really looks like.
It's kind of like when you are running... I have this whole chariots of fire thing happening in my head when I run.. In Emma's brain I resemble someone from the Nike add.

I saw some footage of me running once.... I don't look like the chick in the Nike add. I look like a beetroot with legs on crack.... I prefer the whole chariots of fire thing.

Think back to your last nookie.... would you want it filmed?... Perhaps you enjoy a little footage of yourself? That's all great... whatever floats your boat.....Emma's brain is a vault of no judgement.... but what if you were filmed and you were unaware?
What if still shots of your act was then circulated around your office?
What if there was a room full of people watching every snagged pantie moment... live?
Didnt see that coming?
Not so carefree now right?
Kind of takes the Joy, and fun out a bit.
As I am sure you are all aware this happened recently to an 18 year old female member of our defence force. This is not an isolated incident, It happens all too often.
There are images of our teens being broadcast all over facebook.
For most of these victims, they are just engaging in behaviour that is natural to them.. can you remember when you were sixteen? seventeen?
I cringe at some of the things I did when I was that age,.. I cringe at the memory of it...... Can you imagine if there was footage been bumped from phone to phone the same way notes were passed..."back in the day"
Tina P is a slut written on paper and passed around is damaging enough, but footage of the act?

What makes me ill, is that these sicko budding film makers become hero's of the play ground... office... or football team, There need to be consequences... fitting to the damage caused.
Consensual sex between two parties happens... (not so much in our house anymore), but everywhere... all the time... Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes do not always use our best judgment,  but hey... it's the way we are wired.
Filming this act without the consent of both parties as far as I am concerned, is predatory sexual behaviour and cannot be tolerated.
As a victim of sexual assault I do not use these words lightly.
 It is not just men engaging in this behaviour, This also counts for silly young women who think that luring and filming stars for financial and reputable gain is acceptable...
Think about it... It's the same thing right?
It cannot be tolerated.
Just because you are partaking in the act does not make the behaviour any less Peeping Tom.
Did you now that the powers who be, are are actually scrambling to discover if any laws were actually broken?
That just pisses me right off. We as a society should be pissed off.
We as a society, men and women need to make a huge noise about this.

Me, making noise, with my two cents.



Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

I tried really, really hard to be mature but I may have lost my shit when you mentioned fanny farts.

I think I need to grow up ...

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Bahahaha .... Grow up holly! he he he :)

alliecat said...

I did giggle and snort through most of that, thanks for the visuals...

but the serious part is very serious. It's not right that these things happen, and it's not right that they find an audience. The viewers are as guilty as the filmer. No, it should not be tolerated on any level.

MaidInAustralia said...

I love it. They never show the mad dash to the loo to avoid leaving a wet spot either! I was laughing away and then you got serious, but you are very right. To be filmed unaware, and then have it shared without consent would be a nightmare.

Fi said...

I have to confess, I've occasionally entertained the thought of filming me & my hubby in the act - just for giggles - but never have because, like you, I don't want to ruin the image I have in my head of how we actually look while doing the wild thang. It would probably put me off sex for the rest of my life!

But I 100% agree with you on this latest defence force scandal. I feel incredibly sorry for the poor girl - such a HUGE betrayal of trust - and she's so young. It's just awful.
I also think that women who pursue celebrities with the sole purpose of causing trouble are lower than low.

Jacki said...

The idea of being filmed when you're so vulnerable is just horrible and I agree with you 100%, we SHOULD all be making a big issue of this. It's a disgrace. That aside, I had a bit of a giggle when I imagined trying to be all movie-star sexy with my husband, flinging my hair and banging my head on the bedside table!

Miss Pink said...

As someone who has been filmed without consent i am on board with you. It is NOT ok. Not at all. It makes me sick that people do it. The girls that do it? Even more so! I don't know why but i just feel like women should know better.

But the sad side of this post aside.
What your sex isn't like it is in the movies? Gee sucks to be you. Fanny farting during sex *tisk tisk* ;P

whatsinemmasbrain said...

I re read the post and I hope my writing it in that style wasn't offensive to anyone? I wasnt trying to make light of it, I just felt like it should portray the light and uninhibited side of sex that these victims thought they were engaging in, I certainlywouldn't do some of the things I do during sex if I was being filmed doing it.... I think this adds to the humiliation of the act. I agree that the viewers are just as guilty!
Also it is a fas that The wet spot is never in movie sex... not even movie stars escape the wet spot.... except for maybe Oprah.
PS the corner of my bedside table is very sharp.. and does indeed suck to be me xx ;)

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

Oh far out.
I nearly messed myself with laughter... then I nearly cried as I imagined how traumatising watching hubby & I have sex would be for a stranger.
I don't have a perfect, or even messy sheets after sex. In fact, we end up on the floor to make sure there is no noise to wake the kids, where one or both of us gets carpet burn on our arses. *sigh*

I would hate to be filmed, but if I were without my knowledge, I'd hope they'd send it to high schools to scare teens out of having sex.

Great post, and I love, love, love the fact you mentioned the good old queef, ala fanny fart! BAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post & all so very true,it is a huge breech of trust to film someone without their knowledge,not to mention humiliating & degrading.It's another thing we have to make our kids aware of as they zoom toward adulthood...p.s glad were not the only ones who hit the floor so as not to wake the children!lol