Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shop till you drop me and I swear at you......

An unusual event occurred in our house over the weekend, his event does not happen very often, in fact I think the last time was well over a year ago... ALL THREE KIDS were at Nana's, all three, for most of the weekend.

Of course Mr Emma's and I sat there for a bit... to take it all in and he promptly pissed off to watch some form of pointless motor sport and I opened the computer and we shouted at each other periodically from different rooms "Wan A Drink Darl?" followed by "Aw yeah.... what are we drinking" Then some thinking music while we weighed up if 11:45am was too early for wine, we decided very quickly that is wasn't.
 Take that in the ear coffee.

It was during this time I had a chance to do a bit of a site audit, I finally get around to figuring out how to read the traffic stats.. Thanks to my new mag,  I looked again today and got around to a twitter audit... ( I am so much fun, honestly...) and realised that I have had a few controversial tweets...resulting in loss of a total of 42 followers.
For a millisecond I took this personally. Then I figured....  these people obviously don't read my blog if those tweets were offensive!
Any way, too bad so sad.

To avoid any future disappointment I thought I would share the offending tweets on here... Just so we are out there and on the same page, If these offend you... probably best to pull out now, Its not me... it's you.. sorry.

A bad day sifting through crappy emails produced this offensive pearler

1. @ **-  Hello spammers... you can suck my fabulous fanwah today.. #thatisall

Then I was sucked into a sharing and delicate conversation on love and lust with this one

2. @**  - (John) Mayer makes my doodle feel funny

So now we are clear.

Back on My Date Weekend with hubby, I decided to take advantage of our child freeness and do a bit of shopping.... I finally got a chance to visit all of the shops I either cant physically fit a pram into, or wouldn't dare take a pram into..... and the forbidden stores that lie in the vicinity of any Toy/Gaming shops, There was no need to avoid the annoying Thomas the tank rides... That stupid vinny song gets stuck in my head for hours.....

I ventured into TYPO, I generally avoid Typo as it is in the vicinity of Smiggle, I swear they put something in those sweet smelling erasers that lures children in and activates their whining hormone, you never escape Smiggle without dropping $9 x 3 kids on a eraser that smells like hangover.

Back in TYPO, I ventured in to check out the cute bird theme they had happening, also I had been there once before and bought this......

 It is a journal and I love it! I keep sheet music in it.... I wanted to see if the other one I ordered had come in. It hadn't... I hate waiting.

I did find these though....
TYPO Tramp stamps, to be used to stamp any thing Telstra sends me.

I guess I am just offensive....

You can top up my follower list @emmasbrain if you want... it's totally up to you....

Emma xx


Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

If only Twitter hadn't been playing silly buggers I'm sure our #SexWipes tweets would have made this list :)

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

I am definitely following you now.
Your tweets are not offensive to me.
Having said that, I have two kids, so I clearly do sex!

Glen said...

Relatively normal brains think alike it seems - I had a date weekend too - fun isn't it?

would this be a bad time to mention that I work for Telstra? :-D

Actually I could do with some of those stamps...