Thursday, June 2, 2011

GIANT crap sandwich- Who's stupid Idea was this?

This Post contains very course language and is rated F for Fuck if you get my drift.....

I am having one of those glorious mother moments when I know I should just be grateful, and enjoy basking in the glorious sunshine of my children, But fuck it.

This shit is hard some days...not all days... but sometimes I need a mental health day.
In the spirit of blame shifting and venting inappropriately;
What I want to know is this......

Who's stupid idea was it to have a mufti day, and give 24 hours notice?

Who was the dick that invented skinny leg jeans for six year olds? (Fuck you MTV... I am looking at you)

Why is it that whenever I take some time to do something for myself, four thousand other things fall to shit?

Why is it, that If I don't take time for myself then I am not the kind of mother I want to be...

Then when I do take time for myself... and I return to the 4000 things that have fallen to shit.. I am still not the kind of mother I want to be?

Why is there an add for a Dora iPhone app on Nick jnr....?
 The people who watch nick junior do not have the funds to purchase an I phone,
nor the dexterity to download the app...
I don't want the people old enough to watch Nick Jnr touching my iPhone...
Their little hands are sticky and leave a fine film of child grease on the front.
(Fuck you Nick Jnr and Fuck you Dora... get a frigging GPS)

Why do I still let my kids watch Nick Jnr?
When did it become MY job to be responsible for the goings on of everything?

Why is it that when I try to delegate,
I must first have to figure out how do what I need done...
how it is exactly it will go about getting done..
what to do in the process of getting it done and then
what to do in the aftermath of getting it done? I shouldn't have to think for you!

Why do I hate that the last two make me feel like a Martyr?

Why do I yell so much when I know I am going to feel shit about it?

Why did I have to say Rats arse when brass razoo would have sufficed?

Why am I going to hit publish on this one when I know that I clearly shouldn't?

Fuck it... I am going back to bed. Feel free to continue the rant without me... It will make me feel better.

Emma xx


Mich said...

we all feel a tad overwhelmed at times.
i did/do, i jusmped on the 'I want' bandwagon yesterday.
dont feel guilty for not being able to do everything

Fi said...

OMG Emma - I could so have written so much of this post!

Not the Nick Jnr/Dora/iPhone bit because we don't have foxtel and I currently don't have an iPhone - but I could replace it with an equally furious rant about grandparents who allow my 3 year old to watch Ben 10 3 times in a row while in their care & THEN ask me when I get there if I have a problem with it!

I also hate that what it is clear that I am craving is "me time" and yet all that me time does is put everything on my to-do list off for a period of time making it even harder to catch up with.

I hear you. I feel your pain. You are SO not alone.

Hugs xxx

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, I have these days SO much more often than I thought possible, and SO much more than I thought I would - I could have written this post.

Meh, we all feel it. Embrace it, laugh about it, cry about it. Apparently when our kids are in their twenties we'll reminisce about these days and call them the best of our lives....

Penny said...

Don't delete it! I have, do and will feel like that!

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I'm glad u hit publish. I wish me time was actually me time. xxx

Amy said...

I am having one of those weeks! I could of written every one of those words (Well except the Nick Jr/Dora Part)

Don't delete. Good on you for writting it!

Fussy Eater's Mum said...

Dora just shits me some days. She use to be such a lovely, adventurous little girl who used her mind to solve problems. Now she's into long hair, dresses, bracelets, iPhones and wants a Nintendo DS or else! Get a grip Dora!

Miss Pink said...

Me time? What the fuck is that? Me time is apparently the time i get to take a bath, usually with the kids in there with me, or they're shouting right outside the bathroom door, or i get interrupted a eleventy billion times because of some fucked up reason. Is there blood? No? Is everyone still breathing? Yes. Then fucking work out the answer for your fucking self.

Kevin said...

Well said. I feel the same way about most of what you said. I'm glad you hit publish. It's comforting to know that someone else is having a shit time exactly at the same time I am. ;)

The Mother Experiment said...

oh my yes. what you have said and what everyone else says. I haven't let my daughter watch Dora yet, and seeing as we don't have foxtel she doesn't see nick jnr either.

Tat said...

Gettign a 6-year-old into a pair of tight jeans would be a challenge for sure.