Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phew..... Nit free!

It's official... NO NITS.....
It seems my deceptive brain was trying to deceive me with phantom nit like symptoms. 
I googled nit phobia, It has a name! Pediculophobia. It sounds foot related...It should totally be Nit-phobia... If someone told me they had Pediculophobia... I might tuck my feet under the table and offer them a swoon over my new hat... On the other hand... They say I am a complete Nitaphobic... I get it. 
I don't think I have that.... I am just a little bit of a weirdo.

Lucky for me, I am just a weirdo, because the wonderful people at Saunders CO. PR, sent me an invite  from Proctor and gamble, to spend the day with a and a tweet of of other bloggers* and the
Man himself,  Barney Martin, at his very own fabulous salon in Surry Hills, Sydney.

For lack of a better word I make them up......
 ( Tweet of Bloggers
Verb ~
A gathering or meeting of bloggers.
The only situation, in which it is not socially frowned upon to spend the entire duration of gathering on twitter.

The invite stated that,

Barney Martin, and his team were  to colour and style our hair and if that were not enough.... He was going to show us how to do it, with affordable styling products you can buy at your local supermarket... Even. The. Colour!
Now..... For the sake of my poor, poor budget, and by budget I mean that
My Tel co and Energy provider are forcing me to cut stuff... I owe them the equivalent of a small mortgage and my seventh born every month. Apparently, whenever I get my hair done, It must be accompanied by shoes and a meal and a night out... it then becomes their problem.
The predicament with that is....
 The last time I did home coloured, I turned out a lovely shade of Bogan Mulberry/Winnie Red... I think it was..
#4732 Trackies and Fongs.
It was special.....

So as you can imagine, I was really keen to learn from Hair Master and Pantene ambassador, Barney Martin... Can it be done? I packed up for a road trip with the divine Lori from RRSAHM to find out.
We Pondered The possibilities........

L-R Barney Martin,** Some idiot, and Barneys dog Milly.
Look at that weird little squinty eye thing I'm doing... That's my paying attention face.

As It was a P&G event, and Barney Martin, a Pantene Ambassador, We set to "Work" Listening to a presentation about some great new products from Pantene, Wella and Clairol Nice n Easy... All of which can be chucked in your trolley along with your TP and sweet potato.
So the presentation starts right, and with the swift nimbleness of the drummers from the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, our little tweet of bloggers whip out their phones in unison and start tapping away.... Occasionally interrupting to speak in code about hash tags...

We received a few uneasy stares till Mrs Woog set every one straight with a " Oh I know it looks rude, but you want us to do this....
 This is Internet nerd for Listening....."

Just like that we were back in beat.
We discussed Wella Pro series collection, I had heard great word of mouth things about this one...

We heard a little about Pantene Pro-V Nature FUSION, with new Cassia complex ..                                                                                 I had heard some serious rumours about Pantene before too... About difficulty colouring, and silicone build up... When question time came around... The ever stylish Nikki Parkinson Pipes up with a question asking to de bunk this rumour..                                               I was so glad because I really wanted to ask that, but couldn't think of a tactful way to say.." But I heard Pantene was crap for your hair?"   De bunk the rumour he did... YAY! Apparently the solution is very simple, and the whole concept was considered scare mongering.
I was very pleased to hear this... There isn't anything quite like Pantene right?

Nikki wrote all about Barneys answer to this quandary HERE.

It was time for the colouring to begin....
We used Clairol nice'n easy,They have a new non drip foam, three shakes is all it takes, then you squeeze the bottle and the foam erupts from the spout.... any more than three shakes and you are playing with it.

 Nice'n easy it certainly was.  My shade?.. 6RLight Auburn.

Hair washed with Pantene Pro-v Nature Fusion, shampoo and conditioner, 200ml RRP $4.98 each
It was pointed out on twitter.... that the pic of me, below center... was me demonstrating my sex face... I have never seen my sex face. I can neither confirm nor deny this.
It is possible, my chair was vibrating... The fricken chairs at Barney Martin give massages... Swoon.

So can it be done?

Coloured Clairol Nice n Easy Auburn, RRP $17.99
Styled Wella Pro Series Volume Mousse RRP $7.99
Wella pro series Volume Hairspray RRP $7.99
For Stockists 1800 028 280

Hell yes.

You know the feeling you get when you leave the salon.... and you just feel hot....?

Well you can do it to yourself..... at home..... Even if Barney Martin's fabulous team did it for us... at his salon.... However...
I am confident I could manage it...

Emma xx

I was not paid for this post,... But seriously.. I don't even care... I mean... It was Barney Martin!... all opinions are my own.


Kellie said...

You all look beautiful!

Miss Pink said...

It's totally your sex face.
I know I have mine on in those chairs.
And you all look extremely glamourous.

Zoey @ Good Goog said...

Great to see you, even if my ridiculous hair took ridiculously long!

Brenda said...

I love your sex face. Bwahahaha.

Kelly B said...

Wasn't it a great salon! I loved it! Always nice to see you...and I have to admit to being a little worried about nits...LOL