Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The business of winning...

A few months ago, Smash entered a drawing competition run by a kids magazine.. one of the really annoying magazines that look like a  hangover and they are wrapped in brightly coloured plastic with an assortment of shitty toys in it? You know the ones that they strategically hang at the check out?

(By the way, I googled D-Mag...... There seems to be a publication of the same name)

Probably not as appropriate for children.

Any way,
Smash being smash decided that he wanted a set of artists pencils seen as a prize in D-MAG. I told him that he should enter the competition and try to win one.... or wait for your birthday.
He decided to enter, figuring this would be the quicker option.
He was certain he was going to win, he spent A WEEK on his picture.
The end result was a very fine picture of Crash Bandicoot and just for brown nosing points he added a speech bubble coming from Crash Bandicoot's mouth that read- I Love D-Mag, and a very cute My name is smash and I am 6 years old, I love D-magazine letter attached.

I took him to the dreaded Post office, (I hate the post office) and we mailed his master piece and the long and painful wait began.
The very next Day it started.... Did I get any mail?.... Did you hear if I won or not yet? when do you think I will know, How long does it take? Why have I not WON IT YET? Will they call or write?
Every day for four weeks. He was so sure he was winning these pencils.

I tried to explain to him that hundreds of kids write in every month and his might not get picked at all, I didn't want to dent his confidence but the kid was starting to get all "Winning" about it if you know what I mean.......
 Smash forgot about his Winning as his Birthday grew nearer, and a few weeks later, he unwrapped his prized artist pencils, and prize in hand, promptly forgot the whole ordeal.

Yesterday, a letter came in the post for Master Smash, in a very official looking envelope with a brightly hangover coloured logo on the front.

You should have seen the kid... His hands were shaking... he could barley contain himself.
It was a lovely CONGRATULATIONS! letter to inform him that he had won.

It was such a precious thing to watch, I knew he would remember this forever... His first "Win", We of course made a huge deal about it and he rang Granny and Nanna to tell them all about it.

when the initial excitement wore off, Smash demanded to know when he would be receiving his prize.
I re read the letter, and it stated that Smash should keep his eye on the post box for his prize... Coming soon......
The letter also read that Smash should not forget to enter again this month...!
He of course took this as an Omen that he was sure to win again.

I swear.
He immediately started again with the winning.
Do you think it will be tomorrow? Or the next  day? Or the next day? Or in the school holidays? Or tonight?, Will it come in a truck? Will the motorbike bring it?
I reminded him that it was the same pencils (I had paid a small fortune for)  for his birthday only last week.
He wasn't listening... he was too busy winning out another winner with his duplicate artist pencils.

I swear that prize better show sooner, rather than later.

Congratulations Smash....




Dorothy said...

Oh, that is just so cute! I do hope he gets his prize soon. There is nothing quite like winning, no matter what it is....

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

Can I borrow Smash to enter the next giveaway Glowless hosts?
I'm keen to win and he's got the dedication to assist me?

Madam Bipolar said...

Yay Smash!

Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

Congratulations Smash, you are winning wayyy more than old mate, Charlie Sheen ;)

Miss Pink said...

Lol. That is adorable.
Winning is EVERYTHING donchyaknow?
Congratulations Smash! Now draw me a picture for my fridge pretty please?

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

LOL! Love it! How exciting for him to win though!

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Ohh how exciting! I love getting parcels in the post, so i can only imagine a childs excitement!

Way to go Smash!

Miss Cinders said...

Way to go Smash!!!

I'm hearin ya on the "I will win" attitude! I have 5 of them that do the very same thing... drives me mental!

lifeasmummymax said...

lol what a great post :) there is something about winning something even if they have the exact same thing. My MissE has lots of stuffed animals but her favourites are the ones she won out of the skill tester. They sleep with her every night lol

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Smash will totally win the next colouring in comp I hold :)