Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am sorry this is not a sex column

I had it in my head yesterday that I would go and get a Bloggie Camera. Not saying that Sony is stingy or anything, but they had to dangle it in front of me and then I had to go buy my own.

I made a phone call to JB High-Fi and explained that I was a blogger, looking for a Bloggie, He offered me a discount if I wrote about it on here.

Thank you George from JB Hi-Fi Campbelltown.

So I rambled over to Campbelltown, and met up with George, I politely listened to him explain the camera to me, even though I had the Info sheet and already knew all about it, because I am nice like that.

As I was leaving George asked me "What kind of things do I blog about?"
I hate being asked that question and I am not sure why?... I just feel like a dick saying.. Oh you know.... This and that... it sounds so sordid.
So I told him that it was a sex column, because that is much less sordid than this and that?

I am sorry George, it isn't a sex column. It is a bit of this and a bit of that... Sex column just sounds so much more interesting, plus I figured if he clicked on yesterdays post, with all the talk of Videoing and hotel rooms and Kinky Guitar sex, I might just get away with sex column.

I got my new business cards yesterday, I was Proud of them.... I gave one of them to George, who Promptly gave it to The guy standing next to him.. (Maybe he thought that guy was more in need of a sex column?... I don't know...)

Then when I got home I noticed this... (and by noticed this.. I mean Mr Emma's Brain pointed and laughed and informed me of a spelling error in typical "In your face" fashion.

You can contact me at Whatsinemmas BAIN at gmail

This is 100% My fault... Have you ever used Vista print? It makes you tick a little box that states "Are you sure you checked that this is correct?" about eight million times.

At least George wont be able to email me to complain that this was not a sex column.

The Universe punished me for lying and being a know it all bitch at this point, because I got home and it was most definitely not the camera I wanted. See what happens when you don't listen to George, because you have the fact sheet in your handbag??? HMMMMMMMMMM?
Note.... No dual screen... no light.

Now I cant even take it back because I don't actually have a sex column and it would be far too embarrassing. I also have to go get some more Business cards printed....

Does anyone want to take it back for me?

Emma xx


Amos Keeto said...


Kellie said...

Are you saying Bloggie doesn't live up to the expectations?
I won't buy one then. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

whatsinemmasbrain said...

I just got the old model? I think? The bloggie touch? I wanted the one with the dual screen and a light...:( Hmmpph.

Good Golly Miss Holly! said...


Hey George, I'll write a sex column if you give me a bloggie for freeeeee!

Miss Pink said...

Hey whatever gives you the discount right?
I flashed a carnie once for an extra long turn on a ride :\

veggie mama said...

i'll never cheat on my canon x

Mich said...

get Mr Emma's brain to take it back.

cathy said...

lol this was funny! will they take it back? i've never heard of a bloggie...where have i been?