Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Blogged myself a new Kitchen!

Last week I was invited by Soup, to a dinner hosted by Everdure.
Over the last few weeks I had been sharing my plans with Soup for our upcoming kitchen renovation.

This is my kitchen.......Currently.

When we moved into the Jetty House, our little kitchen had a total of three cupboards. (The white ones)

We added an old corner cupboard that we managed to scab from the lucky weirdo's across the road when they were renovating their kitchen, just as we were moving in!
(Or budget for improvements was tiny)

See the funky tiles behind our tiny little oven?
I painted those on.
I kid you not.
I also painted the floor black... It was the only colour I could find that would cover the delicious Orange textured lino.
I discovered soon enough that you cant paint "Function" into a kitchen, and as much as I loved my little Andy Warhol inspired eat's provider, it had to go.

So like I said I was invited to a dinner party,

I was pretty sure I had heard of Everdure before... I was pretty sure that they made Barbecues, and that was pretty much all I knew, however they promised dinner, prepared by Home economist Anna Phillips
 (always appreciated.... note my Kitchen),
Wine, (Always appreciated. Full stop) and a few hours of child free time with  Mr Emma's Brain.
I was there.

We arrived a little early at the dinner party, and I sat in the car with Mr Emma's Brain in a weird car park Mexican Stand off with another couple waiting in their car...I didn't want to go in first and I HATE being early.... It comes from my childhood, and the Hippies ability to be late to everything.

Luckily for me the other couple got out first and began to walk in, even luckier they were lovely, and we all entered the room together, (Awkward silence averted).

Through out the evening we learnt that Everdure did indeed make barbecues and I gave myself a mental high five for my ability to retain seemingly useless information, whilst forgetting necessary things like Sunday is Bin night.

I also learned that Everdure made kitchen appliances and heaters. I learned all of this whilst intermittently glaring at Mr Emma's  Brain for shoving cheese in his mouth.... At one point he actually scraped his tongue with his finger and declared that he believed he had just eaten wax, whilst bending over one of  the biggest barbecue's I had ever seen, further declaring that this barbecue was "The Sh*t" and drawing an imaginary deck with his index fingers and nodding at me in an attempt to sign to me that we were buying one.

With any attempt at pretending we had any class gone,
 we took our seats to watch Anna Phillips cook our meal, Master Class style.
 A menu of Olive and Artichoke Pizza, made with the most pungent cheese I had ever smelt. I mentioned to Mr Emma's Brain that the cheese smelt a little like our dog Buster, which is really more of a compliment than it sounds because I love Buster.... He just stinks.
Mr Emma's brain replied that I was now the one with no class, I nodded and he smiled at me....
He had Red cheese wax on his tooth.

Pizza (That tasted divine, no less) was followed by
 Lamb Cutlets and roast vegetable medley, and then Apple and Rhubarb pudding with fresh cream.
Whilst Cooking up our feast Anna invited
 all of the dinner guests to pop any cookery questions we had at her, Anna answered them all in between tales of celebrity chef's and fishing.

I wanted to take her home.

We ended the night with a belly full of Yum, giggles with the Evedure and Soup gang and a serious case of Kitchen envy.

The next day I received a call from Soup to tell me that Everdure would like to pick up the tab for our kitchen renovation......

I nearly fell over the cat, I squealed in the ear of Emma from Soup, and we discussed all of the T's and C's........
We had to do it NOW.

 I was to head straight to the Bunnings 3D Kitchen Planner and start designing.

The kitchen planner was simple to use, I typed in the dimensions of my kitchen, then I played around with the fittings to get a perfect fit, The planner accumulated the cost of the Kitchen cabinetry as I sifted through them, making it easy to see what we needed to add or take out.
The only disadvantage I found was that the Kitchen planner did not add the cost of bench tops to the list, that would have been really handy, however I found it to be very self explanatory, and simple to navigate and a vital time saver when it comes to making it all fit, and you get to take a 3D tour of the finished product.
I have saved mine to gaze at while I am surrounded by boxes filled with the contents of my kitchen and the inevitable crud that comes from moving furniture...

Over he next few weeks... count them... FEW, I will have ordered a new kitchen, removed my old kitchen, attended blogopolis, hired a few tradies ( Does anybody know a guy????) and installed a new kitchen.

Cant wait to keep you posted.

Emma xx


Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

Ok I am jumping for joy for you Emma! your old kitchen has seen it's last days! I hope the next few weeks are positively exciting.

Wow those Soup and Evedure people know their stuff. The bunnings system certainly sounds like a sinch to use too.

Good for you!

Maria Tedeschi (Mum's Word) said...

Well done you!. Excellent news. Coming from someone who's had a crappy kitchen, I feel your pain and your joy.

Love & stuff
Mrs M

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

HELLZ YEAH!!!! Awesome news!

Miss Pink said...

Oh Em Gee. I am GREEN. I hate this kitchen here. Not only does it have zero storage space, it's smaller than tiny and useless. I love to cook, but I cannot cook it shitty kitchens.
When we buy our own place a good kitchen is actually top of the list, followed by a good sized yard and decent bathroom. The rest we can fix easy enough. Mr Black is an ex Chippy so renovations are an easy thing for us, if you don't count in how much they bloody cost. Lol.
I am so excited that you're getting a new awesome kitchen!!!!

Tammy said...

WOW!! Excellent news for you!!!
The looks of your kitchen does certainly seem that you well and truly deserve this!!
Congrats and cant wait to see pics as it happens!!

The Mother Experiment said...

That is so cool! very excited for you

Tina said...

That is awesome news!! Can't wait to see pics!

cjtato said...

That is fantastic! Can't wait to see the result! You won't know yourself with a new fancy pants kitchen. Happy Renovating!!!

Donna said...

Man oh man that is awesome! God bless this blogging gig x

Cherub said...

Fantastic news Emma!!! Congratulations!! Very much feeling my own case of kitchen ENVY now hehe! Considering we were the couple sitting in the car next to you waiting for you to make your move into the dinner party first, I said to Mr Sylvie's brain, ok they aren't moving, so we're gonna go in and I hope they follow suit so we don't look awkward! And you did, so thank goodness for that, such a lovely couple you are and we are so pleased for you both to be given this amazing opportunity! Well done X

Kel said...

Holy crap, that's gotta be one of the BEST PHONE CALLS EVER!!
Go you!
I'll be watching with interest as I have kitchen reno's on the brain and I'm looking for some inspriation... :)

Brenda said...

Awesome! Congrats!

MummyK said...

WHOA!!! That is fantastic!! Omg how lucky are you woman?!!

Emma Sheree said...

I want a new kitchen, not tht there's anything wrong with my current one, and even if there was i wouldn't be able to do anything since i rent, but i still want a new kitchen!!!

boomerang jane said...

That is fantastic!! Who gets calls like that?? So happy to hear such a good news storiy. Let Soup and Everdure know my arm could be twisted for a new kitchen. Lucky you xx