Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have water in my phone line. It makes Blogging a far from enjoyable experience.
(First World Problem)
I am reminded that this is indeed a first world problem, because I was meant to post in support of Project 18, more specifically, Foundation 18. An amazing project, running a group home in Bali. On Monday.
Foundation 18, Indonesia’s group home was established by Cate Bolt and Alit Semara in June 2010 and accommodates only children who do not have a living parent or whose parents have relinquished their children and are unable to be cared for by a family member, with the first objective, to keep children in their family unit if at all possible and it is safe to do so. Rather than taking children whose parents are unable to provide for them we work with the families to offer the educational and financial support they require to keep them with their parents.
They also run an Education Out Reach program.
I have linked up with Stay at home Babe to help ( All be it a little late) with Heart for Art, for Project 18. Heart for Art is breaking the language barrier by sending pictures, paintings and drawings to the girls in the group home, You can learn all about it, and the many ways in which you can help on her site, She professes to “Like Profanity” I promise you will love her.
 Related News, How much would you be willing to pay for a Neil Healey in your dining room or Office?
Australian Artist Neil Healey has generously donated one of his pieces to help with the cause, However, I need your help. What I would like is a few ideas on the best way to raise the most money with this masterpeice (Pic’s coming soon) The money raised would have to cover Postage/Shipping on the Art work? However Neils art work can fetch a pretty penny. We would like to get the most cash we possibly can for the cause. I was thinking..... Donations over a set amount would go into the draw to win it?
Get Crafty bitches. Spread the love.

Emma xx

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mishaps and mayhem of a gluten free life said...

Hey Emma if you want extra things my painting isn't t good enough to put up at anyone else's house but I do make jewellrey and I would love to donate a piece of custom made jewelry just let me know xxx