Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In The Ear

I have had a chronic case of writers block, It comes from the School Holiday's and the promise of Blogopolis on the near horizon.
I cant wait for Blogopolis, mostly because it will be a whole weekend away with one of my dearest and oldest friends, Lori From RRSAHM.

We have plans... big plans for blogopolis, They involve our hotel room, a guitar and the rest involves a video camera.
Sounds kinky right?

I never run out of things to say to Lori, and it is not unusual for us to frequently eat up 2 hours on the phone at any one time. We talk about everything! Old School friends, old escapades and
I love that I have someone  to discuss blogging things with, she understands and is actually genuinely interested. Every third sentence is usually emphasised by a squeal and the line.. " Oh dude... you so have to blog that" or "I'm totally blogging that"

I talk about blogging all the time. My family and close friends suffer through my blogging talk with mild interest until I crack out the "Blogger Speak" and incessantly talk about people they do not know in a language they don't understand.
Not with Loz.

My muse.

Last night our regular phone catch up was rudely interrupted by my immediate need to vomit.
It was a flash vomit, coming from nowhere, with very little time to prepare...
The conversation went a little like this.

E-"Oh man... I think I am going to Ralph... "

L- "Really... You pregnant dude?"

E-  "No".
In the ear.

L- "You ok bitch?"

E- Bleeeeeeh

L- "OK Dude wench, Ill chat you tommorow"

E- Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeech.

Not only does it seem that Loz understands my Reminiscent ramblings and my blogging chatter, but it seems she understands my vomit language as well.

Now that's a friend.

(I'm So blogging that)

Emma xx

PS- I ate devon... This is why I hate Devon... It is all devon's fault. #everytime.

P.P.S Loz is having a MASSIVE Give Away... You should check it out.


Moodi Mumma said...

I loved this post!! Love the pics! Love that you have one another xox

bronnie said...

I love that you understand each other's vomit talk. That's true friendship!

Miss Pink said...

If she was a real friend she would have held your hair back.
No no no I don't want no excuses about how your miles apart and were talking on the phone. A real friend would have held that fucking hair no matter what.

Just my 2 cents.


MummyK said...

I feel so jealous, all my old friends are far far away :( I'm glad I have new ones though. Good new ones too.

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

I am so glad you blogged about this because after reading the tweets, I was desperate to know how exactly this went down [or came up?]
Friendship is all about sharing long phone calls with vomit in the ear...
Also love how Lori asked if you were up the stick. That is friendship right there! Hahahahahahahahaha.

Zoey @ Good Goog said...

So jealous. Wish I had an IRL friend who I could talk blogging with, even if they did vomit in my ear from time to time. But when I talk blogging, I mostly get blank stares.