Sunday, July 31, 2011

The spending spree

I am back from my weekend in Melbourne, that was sadly cut short but I will get into that a bit later.

This last week has been crazy, the time had arrived to choose our new kitchen.

Mr Emma'sBrain and I , with the three kids in tow, pounded the pavement of Bunning's at Narellan in search of Cupboards, doors, bench tops, splash back, appliances and tap ware.

I noticed that two things happen when you are shopping with a ridiculous amount of someone else's money.
1. You can get a little manic, and 2. You get a little braver with design choice.

The Mania didn't surprise me too much.... I have been known to get swept up in excitement from time to time...  (like the time I bought Big Brother merchandise) I am irritating like that, but the braver design choice was something I did not expect.

We arrived at Bunnings with a very specific plan, after having been up until 2am playing with the Bunnings 3D Kitchen designer tool, Mr Emma's Brain and I, with two very large glasses of wine and a tape measure set to work measuring, then forgetting what the measurement was the minute the tape measure snapped back into it's shell. There was a lot of  "Was that 622?" ...."I thought it was 632" So we would have to measure it again.
 It is vital to have the right measurements and the two very large glasses of wine may have been a little to our detriment.
Measurement's  eventually in hand we entered them into the Bunnings 3D kitchen planner tool and virtually demolished our kitchen and mixed and matched different cabinetry and drawers to get the right fit for our space.
 It was a simple drag and drop process so the two large glasses of wine didn't hamper this process too much, but when making important life decisions like these there are so many things to consider, and the age old battle of functionality versus design begins.
We wanted a modern look, but one that wouldn't date easily, it also had to have a certain amount of funk or it just wouldn't be "Our House".

When we entered the Kitchen section of Bunnings however, our Design plans seemed to go a little astray........

Greeted by the very knowledgeable Shayne, we were invited to take a seat and hand over our measurement's and then we took a stroll through the display kitchens while he ruled out a scale plan of our kitchen in a booklet with little stickers of all of the cabinetry, in all the sizes they had available.

Some where between handing over our measurements and looking at all of the gorgeous kitchens we got a little braver..... taking note of all of the things we loved about each kitchen we took them back to Shayne and he did his very best to make them all work.

Shaynes advice to us, was to pick the most crucial items... Oven, cook top, pantry, fridge space and then add all of the extras around them, adding and subtracting items to get the right fit, Keep the basics classic, with a look that wont date, but get a little braver with items a little easier to replace in time like splash back and handles, He also told us to keep in mind our family's changing needs... like the fridge space, we have a fairly large fridge now, but would we require a larger one when the children are teenagers?
This was great advice.

Luckily for us Shayne also had small children and when he saw Ms two heartily ramming her brother in the heels with a  miniature trolley he made a phone call to the stores cafe whom then provided the three children with chocolate milk and lollies.... Bless.

Ms Two ignoring the generosity of Bunning's fell in love with the beautiful baby in the shiny pole.... She busied herself posing and admiring her reflection while we meshed out the final details.

We became a little stuck when it came to tap ware.... we just couldn't decide, Shayne advised us to take not of the brands that were stocked, and we could peruse the websites of those brands and if they had the tap ware that we wanted, then we could phone him with the make and he could order it in.

With the decisions almost finalised we left Bunnings at Narellan, confident in our choices, high on spending and very excited......

Cant wait to keep you posted,

Emma xx


Miss Pink said...

I am totes jealous and want a new kitchen. Reading all your planning makes me excited, and sad we don't own our own place to renovate yet.

Emma Sheree said...

BIG BROTHER MERCHANDISE?????? Oh my... was that also after two glasses of wine? :)