Sunday, September 18, 2011

I agreed to make a television commercial without knowing what I would be filmed doing...

Dear Social Police,

This is my answering statement as to why I  agreed to make a television commercial with out knowing what I would be filmed doing.

It started a little bit like this....

When the good folk at Housmann asked if I would like to be part of an experiment that would be filmed to make part of a Television Commercial for Ambi- Pur, I thought about it, and then I agreed.
Ambi- Pur are good to me.

It took about 8 seconds after I agreed to break out in a cold sweat.

I had to keep it all a secret, which is bad for me, because I don't do secrets. Luckily, Most of the details were kept a secret, even from me....
I had no idea what I was in for....... and I agreed.

That night I had the most disturbing dream. I dreamt that I was filmed walking out of the toilet, fanning my hands under my nose.
When I woke I was convinced that I would be known as the Toilet Spray girl for my fifteen minutes of fame.

After a little thought, I decided all was not so bad.....I had recently attended another event for Ambi- Pur and so have had the opportunity to try their air effects range and I was pretty impressed. I figured that the air effects range was for the home and not necessarily the loo, and anyway.....
Worst case scenario, it was for the loo.... then at least I would be endorsing the only air freshener that does not leave your loo smelling like some body may have crapped in a pine tree and there fore, I would be known as the "Good toilet spray" Girl.

On the morning of the  shoot, the only clue that I had was that we were making some kind of ad.

When my driver arrived, I was told that he was taking me to one location, then I would be taken by someone else to a second undisclosed location. I know. I was excited to learn however that there was another Blogger involved, and it happened to be one of My faves, The beautiful Brenda, From The Mother Media and Mummy Time fame. Brenda also wrote about the Ad HERE.  Exhibit A.

When I arrived at my first location in Randwick, I was approached by two people wearing matching navy jumpers with various radio's and headphones attached to them and for a millisecond, I became convinced that I may have had to go some where in a helicopter, and...... I would unfortunately have to pull out.

I don't do secrets and I do not do helicopters.

Luckily for me, both helicopter pilots and film crews wear matching navy jumpers with radios and headphones, and these guys were part of the film crew.
 They had come to take me to my second location, still undisclosed, but we were traveling by mini van, which was a tad less glamorous than a Lexus but hey, I drive a Magna and it wasn't a helicopter, All was still good.

As I was led to the van I was asked if I had a problem with being blind folded.
I didn't as long as we weren't going in a helicopter, and by the time my relief about not having to go in a helicopter had worn off, I was already blind folded and in the van. I could tell you what happened there... but I will show you..

(I know I should probably try to omit all spelling errors in the final edit, but I am time poor and I have already uploaded it and saved it in standard definition.....)

So as you can see, they led me through to a room FULL of garbage... rotten fruit, rotting seafood, dirty socks and mouldy cheese... not the good type of mouldy cheese, just cheese, with mould.
I could not smell ANYTHING, I kid you not.
There was a light floral fragrance, that was about it.

Since I returned I have been using mine frequently, especially when I have tradespeople coming and going and my cats have decided to object to the renovation by peeing in the corner of the old dining room.
 It has been MAGIC.
So am I sorry I made the Ad without knowing what I would be filmed doing?
No, not at all. Seriously.. Whats it to you?

Shhhhhhh Here it is.

It airs tonight.
What do you think?

Emma xx

PS My favorite Air Effects is Linen and Sky.

Like them on Book of much Faceness  HERE


Sarah said...

Awesome!! Can't wait to see it on TV & shout "I KNOW HER" at the screen LOL

Brenda said...

Love it! And OMG! we're in a commercial. hehehe.

Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

You really said "Did I just fart?" and they cut it out, didn't they? Heh ;) Just kidding, I'M MATES WITH A FUCKING CELEBRITY! Go girlfriend x

Anonymous said...

Love it, Looks just like your old room at home, pity they didn't have Ambi Pur'in the old days'... Love it that my daughter is now famous..... Your Mum XXXX

Grace said...

Awesome !!! Well done ! Can't wait for it's "premier" tonight :)

Miss Pink said...

You should have said "I have a cold, I can't smell anything" Lol.
No seriously LOVE IT! Oooooooh send me your autograph now so I can sell it for millions in a few years.

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I hope you had champers and good mouldy cheese ready for the premiere!!!

Veggie Mama said...

oh god, I'm sold. I'm a sucker.

MummyK said...

At least you didn't go on all fours! Awesome job you guys!

Gene Pool Diva said...

My last free breath was as an only child, but I digress. Excellent commercial dear, excellent commercial.