Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bloggual leave and other tales from bloggual leave.

I have been on Bloggual leave for a few reasons.

The first of which is my Kitchen.

I have had some Dramas.

None of which have anything to do with the good folk at Everdure, and everything to do with my Kitchen not actually fitting.

I have triple checked my measurements, because it is seriously not beyond me to have gotten the measurements wrong, but I didn't.

This was one of many hiccups along the way, many of which I have taken in good humour, I mean.....No renovation process will go smoothly even if it is a PR exercise right?

The Kitchen not fitting is pretty much the final straw, I am currently contracted to finish this kitchen renovation, Truth is, If I were a paying customer, then I would have demanded a refund by now.

So! This is a little awkward. But in other news!

The kitchen is still not in, because to avoid any more lengthy delays we have just changed the lay out of the kitchen, which to be honest is less than ideal.

We now have to change the placement of the electrics and possibly the plumbing to accommodate these changes, We also have to redo and entire length of brand new wall tiling. All of this has to be done around two very busy people and three kids costly and inconvenient


This has left me in a bit of a pickle as to what to write about.. There fore I have written nothing.
which is a lie ... Because
I have written,
and rewritten, a few posts on the kitchen, I wrote a post on doing your homework when taking on paid activity, blah blah blah.... Poor me I won a free kitchen.... But truth is, none of this is Everdure fault and it just wouldn't be fair.

It's also not fair 'not' to report on just how this experience has been, or try to gloss it over to please the sponsors, or worse, recommend something that I shouldn't. I'll leave that to Moira, she has that Shiz down pat.

Most importantly though, I won't be inauthentic here. Ever.

I will just have to deal with the consequences of writing this post, taking one for honest journalism.

So a blogging, I have returned, and I have been up to things on my Bloggual leave..... Mischievous things... all of which I am busting to put in post form.

I endeavor to fill you in on all such activity and I will..... Starting now... Or more accurately I will when I get an extra 3 hours in my day, that's how many extra hours it takes for a family of five to function in a house with no kitchen, and if you add those to the hours needed in one day, I currently require 31.4 hours and unless the powers who be change just how many hours there are in a day then something has to give. (Please bear with me!!!!)

((By the way...... I suspect the powers who be are Sunrise, or more specifically Koshie, he looks like he gets his own way.....
Is it just me?? The man reeks of Mummy issues and Rage, and if he needed another couple of hours in the day, then we would have them, Just saying ))

I would very much like to be able to write about how fantastic my Everdure appliances are, I really would, and I will... just as soon as I am able to use them,
( which I am endeavoring to be this Weekend ... God willing)

Run on over to Face Book if you have time... Show them some love for me.

Want to see where we are up to?
(Its exactly like a slide show of someone Else's holiday.. only in kitchen form)

This is the main part of our kitchen, The lovely black and white subway tiles are the only part of the tiling that we did not have to smash.. :(.

Note the new floor? I did that myself!! So proud.

We had to bring old Trudes out from retirement under the house which, quite frankly, has been awful for everybody because she sucks.... and we told her that she sucked, just before we shoved her under the house.
It has been most awkward for our new Everdure Oven though...

They are currently sitting right next to each other.. its intense.

Our new dining area......... FEAT Princess Red head .

This is the old dining area of the kitchen... with the new layout, we have made it into a study nook with our old bar... I am Solutions focused or something like that... I was told that by a PR company once.....

We used the High Grove, toughened glass panel, Lipstick red splash back over there as it didn't work with the new layout, because you can not cut toughened glass.. It explodes.. not an exaggeration!!! But was far too divine not to use.....
So this is now where all the magic happens..!! or of late, not happening.
(I do have to be careful to tidy my kitchen regularly though... as my web cam points straight into the kitchen.... wont somebody please think of the web cam!!!!!!)

Ha! I found this one on the camera roll... Scheckshi isn't it???
I think somebody mentioned the B word... Kitchens or Maccas.
I cant be sure.

Emma xx


Miss Pink said...

Far out! That totally sucks balls. So the people who sent the kitchen peices stuffed up their sizes? Grrrrrr.
Hoping you have a fucking fantastic kitchen soon. I could totally not live under those conditions. You are fantabulous.

Anonymous said...

I applaud your honesty, should be more of it in Blogworld, just lets me know that if you recommend something I can trust your recommendation. Are they really sorry that it didn't fit??? Sure hope so... Poor you without a kitchen with little ones for all this time. Don't know how you've done it.... but the oven looks worth the wait I want one,,,,

Kellie said...

Oh Emma, how I've missed you! I'm not going to lie - the world has been sad without you.

I hope you get the kitchen sorted soon, I'm having trouble navigating with moving boxes everywhere but that's nothing compared to this.