Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wagging on School Photo Day....

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take the kids to Wild Life Sydney for a bit of a tour.
This Kind of thing is like good behavior currency in my house, I won't lie, I bribe my children. Daily, sometimes hourly. Eat your breakfast and you can have a yogurt, Brush your teeth and I will read you a story, yes you can have the biscuit if you 'go away' eat it outside...

The visit fell on a School night, and you know, I'm not likely to be nominated for Bernardo's Mother of the year any time soon, I Dangled the day off school carrot, In the spirit of milking it for all it's worth.
This was all completely OK, until I was packing a bag for Wild Life Sydney the next day, that tomorrow was in fact, School Photo Day.

This was a bit of a dilemma, I decided to still keep them off, a kindness I wished my mother would have extended to me, on many a cheesy, Vegemite smeared face, booger nosed, bucktooth, freckled School photo occasion, besides...I know they attended that grade, I don't need the photo's to prove it, I have photo's...

My kids don't fart without someone whipping out a camera.

The next day, School Photo day, I can't say I missed the school photo day morning routine... Trying to smear down cow licks and wiping faces, standing outside in front of two school shirts trying to pick the least stained one in the natural light.....

Not this year, we were on a train with my Saintly MIL, and I don't say saintly in the' MiL reads my blog' sense, but more in the genuine, My MIL is the sweetest, most genuine loving mother in law a gal could have, sense of the word.

The Tour was great, The kids learnt a whole lot,and hey, There were still photos......

Master 12's face forgot that we weren't at School photos and still sported a Vegemite smudge..

This is one helmet hair cut that Won't be in the year photo.

Ms 2 adored the Giant Kangaroo.

I got to say cool catch phrases like...

The ants are coming!!!!

The red light district,

I got to get up and close with this cute little guy.. I must admit though.. He smelt really bad, like wet dog,and wet sheep, with subtle under notes of arse. For one with a diet consisting of the freshness of eucalyptus, this surprised me a lot. I also got into trouble for touching his feet, they don't like it apparently, So, inside info.... when you visit, don't touch the koala feet, they don't like it, it's annoying

The boys were rather excited to help out in the Outback show, they got to lay around and scratch their bellies, just like at home.. I mean a kangaroo.

We got to check out birds,

Not these lovely looking birds...

But these,

We soon found out that there are geeks in the bird world too.. They were most impressed by the various blogger paraphernalia. We called this one Mark Zuckerbird

Our insanely knowledgable guide and his best 'who farted face' or perhaps he caught wind of our devious plan for a bearded clam enclosure...
(I wish I had a better pic, he was great)

Master seven is off to School today to do a presentation on Wild Life Sydney for his class this morning, his favorite were the ghost bats and I am sure his recount will be a mix of accurate information, mixed with lies about his mother bribing him so that he could jig class and go to Wild Life.

Check out Wild life Sydney next time you are on the harbour, even if you have been before there are great new exhibits to see, you can grab a double pass to the aquarium too and save some cash.

go on a school day and instead of your child sitting through hours of algebra seething because 'they are never going to neeeeed this' They could be at Wild Life Sydney learning vital life skills that might just come in handy like when an echidna makes house in your backyard chook pen three days after your visit, Hey it happens..

I have the photo to prove it.


Miss Pink said...

You are such a cool mum.
I am a total straighty 180 and would NEVER let Bluey have a day off like that even though I agree 100% with everything you're saying. I mean school really isn't THAT important, and life experiences are.

Maid In Australia said...

I'm totally for real life experiences rather than school and I'm totally always getting into trouble for it. I'm taking the kids to Fiji for a week next month and you would think I am the worst mother ever. Anyway, those photos are better than the usual gap-toothed, staged EXPENSIVE school photos anyway!