Thursday, November 24, 2011

Faux Mercial tastic.

When I was a child, The hippy parents made me take a communal bath, in the belief that it would give us a healthy immune system and be better for the environment. It near destroyed me. I don't even like using the phone after other people.

I would always bathe with the midwife, and we would try to sell each other various bathroom products. We used to have this chemical free shampoo, it was green and we could not pronounce the name on the label because it was in Czech such was my parents love of ruining my life with their chemical free existence.

The midwife and I, because we were outstandingly creative, came up with a new name for the thick green shampoo... We called it Snot and pronounced it  Snote in posh accents.

I. Wish. I. Were. Lying.

So when I was asked by the good folk at Pantene to take part in a new Faux Ad campaign for their new Aqua light range, I agreed. (Also I would probably stand up my own mother to attend a @SandCopr event)

I know, That last sentence would have probably been a sufficient enough intro, but I can't help it. I'm sick.

On the day of the shoot, I arrived at the work place of a man responsible for the hottest hair in Fashion, with British Vogue, French Vogue, London and Milan Fashion week to his working credits, and also the man responsible for putting impure thoughts into the minds of female bloggers everywhere....

Mr Barney Martin.

It was there, I hung out with my favorite bloggers of all time, sipped champagne and inappropriately tweeted whenever Barney said shaft, which is a lot, because he knows about hair.

  We heard all about new Pantene Aqua Light, Because one in five Australian women, believe that Pantene is bad for their hair, or that it weighed their hair down.
I thought Pantene was bad for my hair too.... Well that and the fact that there was a sign at my local Salon that reads...

it is right underneath this one...

So I asked my hairdresser why does it matter?
according to her, it is because it silicone's in Pantene build up in your hair, which makes it difficult for the colour to take, it the silicone's make the hair snap and it weighs your hair down.

Well.... I dobbed on her to Barney Martin,...... and Barney Martin said....

 "There are so many misconceptions about Pantene, all product build up can be controlled by using a good quality clarifying shampoo, and that almost all hair products contain silicone's, Pantene does not contain any more silicone's than others on the shelf,
He also hopes that the new Aqua light collection will help put some of these issues to rest, because  within the Aqua Light formula is a combination of conditioning ingredients, slimmer silicone's and a high tech gel structure that breaks down upon rinsing.

Who are you going to believe? Shaz? or Barney?

I chose Barney.

We also got to hang out with fellow blogger, Zoe Forster who is a devout Pantene advocate.. she also has a new book called Amazing face and is a must have for any gal.... She even takes good photo's while she is talking...

(After I had finished drilling her about every must have product that I don't own, I resisted the urge to ask her about Andy Lee, or more importantly, my hypothetical chances of ever seeing him naked, because I am married and  You.  Just.  Don't)

Instead we discussed the fact that we were both Southern Highlands Girls, and how you have not lived until you have attended a Mitty Blue Light.
(Local Disco for under 18's where you were likely to pash on with a boy not from your school)

 I even got a chance to chat with a photographer about our best angles and my insistence on squinting when I talk, we then got to check out our images being touched up, not that mine were or anything... much. Cough cough. HEAPS.

 I will never look that good again..Turns out I have an actual good angle, they exist and they call them that.

These are obviously not it.

And finally.... To prove that Pantene Aqua light will leave your hair ready to swish.......
I washed....

Stop having impure thoughts Emma.......

Then I swished.

(PS, The British voice over pronounces it as Pan Ten... which is a little bit like snote... a little bit.)

If you think you could you could swish better than I can... Or you are just sick of doing it into the fan when no one is watching, you should grab yourself some Pantene Aqua Light, and head to, check out the competition, realise that the other entrants have nothing on you... Then upload your own swish, and you can get your swishy little hands on $10,000 Cold Hard Cash. You. Know You Want. To.... It is heaps of fun.

Emma xx


Anonymous said...

Message from your mum

1. I KNEW there was something fishy going on at the Mittagong blue lights.....
2. Why on earth would you want to use anything other than your mothers home made SLS and chemical free shampoo, and now it has a nice pinkish tinge due to the hand extracted herbal essences (no chemical extraction methods used).
3. Has it got anything to do with the fact that Barney Martin is certainly HOT!!!! (How I wish I was younger)

River said...

When Pantene first was available it was fantastic stuff. When they brought out the 750ml pump bottles it was a different story. The shampoo still did a great job, but the conditioner just wasn't the same anymore. It didn't lather like it used to and using the same amount as I was used to made my hair lank and stringy-looking. Now I use much less of the conditioner and rinse more.

edenland said...

Oh my god ... is that really your mum, above? HI EMMAS BRAINS MUM!!

Shaft. Heh.

You look gorgeous as always. And I DID talk to Zoe about Andy. My brain was saying SHUT UP IDIOT but my mouth kept moving, oh yes. She was very polite.