Monday, November 7, 2011

Giant Crap sandwich... Most annoying Ad of all time.

Because I made an ad once and appeared in it for 2.4 seconds, I am clearly qualified to now pass judgement on all other commercials. Ever made.

Namely....This one.

There are so many things wrong with this ad.

If you are not from Australia, this may be the first time you have ever  clapped eyes on this commercial, and if so, I deeply apologise on behalf of our nation, and I promise you, the images will fade.. the jingle... well, that one might stay with you forever.

This commercial is a prime example of something that makes me irrationally angry.
I know that there is no need to allow a commercial to make me angry, I mean there is nothing blatantly offensive.... I. JUST. HATE. IT and I will tell you why in five points magically segue'd into the next, such is my advertising genius.

1. The red.

Its too much.
Its hostile and antagonistic... It is also a little bit provocative, which is a little bit off putting because the dude is old as dust....  which brings me to...

2. You are supposed to able to relate to people in commercial..... and Seriously, Who is that dude supposed to be?... is it her husband? Is it her Dad? Is it Alf Stewart?

 Which brings me to...

3. If it is her husband.... how?  He isn't rich, or he wouldn't be bothered about saving $50 and obviously would have no need to use a service with Budget in the title. She is french and apart from her lame hair washing skills reasonably attractive... WTF is going on around here!

Which brings me to...

4. Her hair washing skills.... Is she rinsing or washing? Is she dancing or suffering a seizure? Why does she sing jingles in the shower? Why cant she just see if she can pull off "Simply the best" like every body else.

Which leads me to....

NUMBER FIVE and clearly the most irritating of all points...
The jingle. They just took elevator music and crapped it up a little bit more. Apparently its possible.
Its like the makers of the bakers delight jingle got married to the makers of "I like Bing Leeeeee" and had a baby...  Buje Buje.

I get that the whole point of this ad is to be inflamitory, I am proving that this kind of advertising works by writing this post.
It may get people talking about your brand, but it wont stop people from hating you on sight...

You could have a great insurance policy (stop laughing I am being serious) Fantastic customer service, run a paperless office and localised call center... I for one will never know, Because you are known to me now, as just that stupid insurer that made that woefully crappy and infuriating ad.

Wont somebody please think of the children.

I'm off to kick some stuff.

Emma xx


Miss Pink said...

Totally with you on that.
In the first part of the ad they were just friends? Neighbours? (You know where she was riding her bike?) And now he's just some creepy pervvy dude shaving in the bathroom while she has a shower.
I am in a relationship with Mr Black and I'd tell him to fuck off and shave later i'm having a shower. And really, why is a french girl trying to sell an "Australian" product.
Completely irrelevent.

Anonymous said...

Oh no.. I HATE THIS AD so much that I turn the telly over to another channel EVERY time it comes on, I for one will NEVER buy Buje Buje, It may be very concerning for you that you are becoming so like me.... your mum XXX
PS. I think she is a bit on the side in a cheap motel room......

Anonymous said...

The first time I saw this ad I thought she had hairy underarms :-)

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I am pretty sure that shower is located in his basement.

It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.