Monday, November 7, 2011

Holy Kitchen Batman, It's finished.

finished.....FINISHED I TELL YOU!!!!!!

The most mammoth kitchen renovation of all time, in the history of all history's, infinity, white rabbit full stop, has come to an end... Well almost.

We are missing a few cupboard doors, but they will be here soon and as soon as we have them we will be FINISHED!!!...... FINISHED I TELLS YOU!!!!

Until the doors arrive, and we do the final reveal, lets take a walk down renovation lane.....
When I started putting the footage together, I realised I just had way too much to fit into one post so we beginning the count down, with a nostalgic montage.....

It was really great to look back through those pic's, it really shows how far we have come, I found that really hard doing it all so gradually, after work, on weekends, in between hens nights and baby showers it all happened so gradually, that it felt a little bit like we were getting nowhere and it was two steps forward one step back.
By far our biggest challenge has been getting it all together.
Each step on its own really is very simple..... with the exception of the bench tops, but lets never speak of them again....

My Favorite?

The Everdure Dishwasher.... Obviously...

When researching your new kitchen appliances, Everdure wasn't something that came to mind, actually, I had not really ever heard of Everdure before, I thought of Meile and Bosch and Smeg, I would flick through the appliances in catalogues and then cry into a pile of money I didn't have, so I would flick to the Westinghouse and kelvinator and find that the look just wasn't right.

What I have found during this process, is the greatest thing about Everdure, Is that you are getting a  quality appliance with a high end look, for a fraction of the price.

And hey.... they support bloggers, so you know they get it.

The Everdure dishwasher was definitely the most attractive of all the brands on the show room floor, The oven is amazing, and NEVER underestimate the power of a decent oven.. Cough cough, no offence Trudy.

The cook top needs a post all of it's own, such is my love of it and the hilarious comedy of errors leading to it's installation..... until then,

Emma xx

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Miss Pink said...

Yay Yay!!!!
It took my parents 5 years to put the doors on the cupboards when we has extensions and got a new kitchen growing up.
They did more extensions 8 years ago and still haven't painted those walls. Yep. You are wayyyy ahead of them.

It looks fabulous guys. I actually have kitchen envy and I need to bake a cake. Mind if I come round and use yours?
Thanks. ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks great, you guys did a great job, what's for dinner...Mum xxx