Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I got liquid nails in my hair.

That title is not a humorous play on words, or a witty pseudonym. I actually got liquid nails in my hair.
This stuff.

It will probably teach me to be a smart arse with it, and I know, that could quite possibly be the worlds worst photo... I was going for bond girl... that's how it looked in my head... and yes, I occasionally wear my hair like Elvis when I am at home.

As the name of the product suggests... this stuff is very adhesive, like nails, if nails were a liquid.
This particular product is clear, which is both fortunate and unfortunate if you know what I mean.

I got it in my fringe, a bees dick away from my scalp... If I cut it, I would have had a stump of hair jutting out of the middle of my forehead I just don't have enough hair to hide that shit...

So I swore, and perused the can and it read...

Press adhesive side down, before it forms a skin (Within five minutes).
  Blah Blah Blah...
Clean up whilst still wet, with mineral turpentine and a soft cloth.

Within five minutes.

(I still made time to announce it on twitter... of course)

KNOW WHERE YOUR TURPS ARE PEOPLE!! This shit is important!

The funniest thing was, that I didn't think I knew where our turps were, but my brain, it its panicked state automatically knew I would have stuck it somewhere dumb... like the linen press... And what do you know, It was there...

Three days later, all of the liquid nails is out of my hair, Turps makes your hair really shiny, so I have the shiniest fringe in the history of mankind, and all is good in the first world again.



Miss Pink said...

Oh geez!
You know I had no idea how you'd get it out, so i'm glad that you have. I think I would have just sat down and started to cry.
How did you get it in your hair?

River said...

Just don't be getting too close to those dinner table candles for a while...

ClaireyHewitt said...

And yesterday Mr H got liquid nails on our carpet!