Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I just dont understand it all........

I am a bad Nerd.
But I am learning.
I am currently taking lessons in HTML.

That's all I have learnt thus far... Well that and I made a new button....
It is the beginning of a fantastic site overhaul that exists only in my head currently, but I will soon absorb button making and div div's which is computer geek equivalent of Doof Doof.

I have decided to take on this challenge, as I am often asked lots of computer related questions, that would be best directed at a tech support person, and the truth is, I have very little idea. I have people, I ask, I know people, but now is the time to learn.

In other news, The cupboard doors arrived!
 Also! I am very excited  that I will be a panelist at this years Blogger Relations Forum (Tickets available at eventbrite), Hosted by Switched On Media held in Sydney next week!

You'd think I would be nervous... with the whole sitting on a panel, answering questions that are peppered at you, and people have paid good money to hear you answer them, so they have to be good answers, but no.

I am not nervous, I think the fact that I am not nervous is partly because I am a show off and Partly because I am on a great Panel, with he likes of ....

And I have a cunning ploy, that if I don't know the answer, I am going to say, "What a great question, what do you think Brenda?"

I was recently asked to write a Bio for this event, which is difficult... It sounds easy, and it's not.

I wrote a brief Bio, scrapped it, then wrote another eighteen, then scrapped them, Then I quickly wrote it again, hit spellcheck and sent it on its way.

I think it was something like this...

Emma Has a blog and is asked "What is a blog?" on a regular basis.

Emma writes of the things that annoy her, one of which is the question, "What is your blog about?" Emma is annoyed by this question because Seinfeld own the rights to  *Its about Nothing*, and without it, there are precious little adjectives to aptly describe her blog.

Emma is fluent in the Languages of Drunk, Bogan, Sarcasm and knows smatterings of Spanish thanks to Dora and HTML thanks to the Internet!)
 Smatterings is so a word.

I hope it wasn't really like that, but I fear it was.....However, One just can not dwell on such things for too long, there are Templates to break and HTML to learn.

< div> <div.>,

Emma xx  

PS. (3)

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Miss Pink said...

I am going to brainstorm and ask you a bloody hard question next week. And I'll make it so you can't hand it over to Brenda *insert evil laughter*

And where's your new button? I don't see a new button.

River said...

Smatterings is definitely a word. Absolutely.
When you're asked what you blog about, you can say "anything I want". Then give a couple of examples.