Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The second to last. My Gozleme Moment.

This is the second last post on the Kitchen renovation.
It is almost time to finish up loose ends, like put the final two cupboard doors on... and I will, just as soon as they arrive.

It is time to brag about my new Everdure appliances, and have a dinner party, then tuck these posts together under a nice little Tag, for google spiders to track.

For the tag line, I was thinking.... Kitchen, because I am time poor and tired and it is relevant.

My favorite thing about the Kitchen, would definitely have to be the new appliances.
I honestly didn't realise just how much my kitchen space did not work before, just how much I restrained my cooking style, usually to no more than two pans, usually due to lack of bench space, a tiny cook top or vacancy in the dishwasher department.

Up grading our appliances and abiding by the rule that you can never have too much bench space has literally transformed the way we eat, it has given me a little time back, meal routines are far less chaotic, My children still don't eat it.... But I guess that is more of a reflection on my cooking skill and their fathers stubborn genealogy.

Now because I live in The Wollondilly Shire, that automatically makes me 1/8 Carnie, SO one of the first meals I made were Turkish Gozleme.

Gozleme's are so much more enjoyable when you are not risking the Salmonella and Pubic hair associated with Fair's, Markets and Carnivals.

I would make these before we renovated the Kitchen when our veggie patch became over run with spinach, and I discovered that my children will actually inhale spinach if it were prepared this way.

(There is a great recipe for them HERE, from FRILLS, and a huge thank you to the Divine Veggie Mama for hunting it down for me... I love twitter.)

Preparing the dish before was time consuming and difficult, preparing, rolling and kneading, resting, chopping and cooking, I just did not have enough space, Post renovation I discovered that it really wasn't that difficult, My kitchen was CRAP letting me down. My space was not working for me, and I don't think I ever put enough emphasis on just how important the kitchen was to the over all harmony of the home.

Since I now use phrases such as "My Space is just not working for me... and Over all Harmony of the Home" I thought I would share with you a few of my tips for making a statement with your home, whilst you are renovating.


It is important that the first impression of your home reflects your personality.
Make your front door a statement piece, I went for this edgy look.....
The spider webs say.. hey, we don't care man, while the do not knock sales people sign says.. Go away we are busy... Cant you see we are renovating?


Shed? What shed?... Make your lack of space issues an interesting sculptural piece as displayed here with this vignette of paint cans, nothing brightens up your hall the way a vignette of paint cans will.. and when guests arrive, you can say.. "Oh that old thing.???.. yes... we think about painting.. a lot"


Nothing says Lack of space issues, like hanging unfinished artwork, however you can make it a focal point by hanging them on whatever mounts are available to you.
The best part of an arrangement like this is, It's Art! no one will ever know if its unfinished, or hung incorrectly and it sure is fun to see the reaction of your various visitors.. like... "oh.. This one is... interesting... Is it yours?"

At the end of it all though, what matters most is that you get the kitchen right....

Tapware- Clarke.


This post was sponsored by Everdure appliances, I am currently using everdure appliances and loving them.
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You can check out the links to the appliances I chose, if you are interested or nosy.. I would, don't feel bad..                       


Veggie Mama said...

Really? I go to fairs purely for the pube pies.

Anonymous said...

As a regular to the 3 F's (Fairs Fetes & Festivals) I am over Gozlemied.... pubes or no.

Love the 'installation' of paint cans, have seen worse in major exhibitions.....

What still no cupboard doors?????

River said...

That is the tiniest sink I ever saw! If I was to wash up in that, I'd have water splashed all over in no time at all. I'd be spending more time mopping up than actually washing stuff.
I'm guessing you have a dishwasher....

kitchens leeds said...

wow... its really nice post thanks for sharing.. colour combination and furniture style is superb...grate post!good job... :)