Friday, November 25, 2011

Trip Down Mo Mery Lane.

Ms two recently celebrated her birthday, and now Ms two, is Ms Three......
How friggen cute is this Santa Photo.....

November was a "Good Time to be heavily pregnant if I think back to what feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at once, Not too hot, Not too cold.
It is also a great time to host a Sunday afternoon Backyard Birthday Party... Now as you know, I am not usually the biggest fan of the backyard birthday party.. But at three, I still get to invite whom I want to the Party, and this year, I kept it simple with a family gathering.

I even made a traditional pass the parcel from the olden days... A discriminatory pass the parcel, in where there is one big prize in the center, covered in layer after layer of disappointment in the form of a balloon and a lolly.

There was no complaints from the Kids at all of course, because they are family and perfect... and If I weren't I would smack them, because they are family and I can.
(I wouldn't... calm down)

November also marks another major event in our House and that is MOVEMBER.

Itchy, scratchy, rashy, infected pores, cystic bitch zit producing Movember.

I feel like Jessica Simpson in the Pro active ad, and I often talk to myself in a Jessica inspired Drawl whilst I inspect the new additions to the puss family on my face each morning.

"Awl Mah Prablem areas were awl around mah mouth and chin... Like right where the Markraphone is..."

Don't Judge me.

The saddest thing is, that its not even pash rash.. We have been married for ten years... come off it.
It's more of a polite peck rash..

Good morning.... peck
I'm going to work now... peck,
Just ducking to coles... peck
This form of motor sport is shitty boring I'm going to bed to read my book..... Peck.

Each peck is like a thousand needles acupuncture their pizza cheese and garlic remnanty sharpness into my face.

With a school reunion that I will be gate crashing, as it is my sisters year looming, I declared a piss off with your polite pecking treaty.

I really shouldn't complain... Mr Emmasbrain gets passionate about very little.... only the Ruby, the league, afl, NBL all motor sport in all forms, basket ball, both local and NBA,super league, cricket, A league, premier league, collecting energy drink acans, hats and skateboarding paraphernalia from when he used to be cool man and..


Mr Emma's brain is not one to brag, but he married me and I am so suck shit, and he only pretends to read my blog any way so he will never know... But Mr Emma's brain has played a large hand in raising over $100,000 for Movember to date, and with a corporate partnership he helped set up continuing this year, that number could be close to $200 000 by the end of Movember this year...

He is now out of the corperate game, and able to contribute more in spirit and face advertising this year as we now work for our selves which is more spirit rewarding than cash rewarding..... that is the nicest way I can put it.

I thought It deserved a bit of a tribute.

Emma xx


Penny said...

Wow 200k! Go Mr EB. I gave birth 2 years ago in November. Think it was the hottest on record which meant coping strategy was pool, air conditioning, pool, Frosty Fruit, air conditioning and repeat.

Veggie Mama said...

A has the best hair ever. Mr IEB rules and now I want pizza. I love you.

River said...

I know it's for a good cause and people raise a lot of money, but I hate Movember.
Too many faces with moustaches that just look wrong.