Thursday, December 15, 2011



I am convinced that it is for the smug.
I will continue to tell myself that because I am amazing at self enabling my slovenly habits.

Lori from RRSAHM put this little montage of bloggers talking housework.
FEAT LO- ZO-GLOW and me.


Miss Pink said...

This is a very awesome vlog.
Commenting 4 times is taking it out of me though.
Let me just say a huge motherfucking YES

Alannah said...

great group vlog. I also don't iron because I have had the most amazing ironing lady for about fifteen years. I am happy to wash and hang out and even bring in and sort, but it is the getting it out of the laundry and into the cupboards that is near impossible! thanks for the smiles tonight.

Thea said...

Hahaha....that is totally awesome!!

Love it Lo-Zo-Glow and YOU! :)

bigwords is... said...

I just want say how funny you were in the Shit People Say to Bloggers video. Hilarious x