Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Open letter to Julia Gillard on Equal Rights.

To Ms Gillard.

I am no one special Ms Gillard, I am just like millions of Australians. I do however, know that your name is not Julie Gallah and I am pretty sure I heard Mr Obama call you that on more than one occasion during his last visit.

I Pay my taxes Ms Gillard, I fill in my census form and I bet you ten bucks that you will have to include Blogger as an occupation in the next one, we are a pretty powerful bunch.

I am writing to share with you, a conversation I had with my twelve year old Son, He wants to be a nurse when he is older, an occupation I am finding it increasingly difficult to encourage given the plans for it's future.

My son had the opportunity to visit Parliament house recently, a place he was encouraged to Respect, it was a place that important decisions were made, by important people. People we elected to make decisions on our behalf. People who up held our values.

He was fortunate to be able to sit in on question time.

When I asked him of this experience, he told me that people mostly shouted over the top of each other, every one said Carbon Tax a lot and every one rolled their eyes. (A punishable offence in my house, where I am Prime Minister)

As a mother of three I am often subjected to my own question time, I am asked many, many questions.

This is an example of the questions I am asked on an hourly basis, on any given day.

"Why do people starve?"
"why are there wars?"
"where is my I pod?"
"Why does that man not have a home?"
"why are you in my room?"
"why is it that people mostly only have to pay a fine when they are cruel to animals? Why don't they get punished in gaol? Does that mean that people can just pay money to be cruel to animals?"

Normal childhood questions.

I try my best to explain to my children that it really is not just that simple, and many people must work together, it always feels like a cop out, but it is true.

Some questions I can't answer, Some I encourage him to direct to you in writing Ms Gillard.

He doesn't.

Most people don't.

More recently I was discussing the logistics of my being able to attend the equal marriage rights Rally held last Saturday.
This is not an easy task to arrange, although I only live an hour from Sydney. You see the cost of child care for working families, coupled with the cost of housing and ever increasing utility costs, mean my husband and I are forced to work a split roster system, and I luck out on the weekends.

Just like millions of Australians.

My Twelve year old son asked what it was that we were Rallying for, and I replied that we did not agree that some people were allowed to marry those they love, while some people are not.

And so began question time.

Who can't get married?

People who are gay, people like Aunty P and Aunty S, Teachers at your school, your Football coach, several parents of the children at your school,
and I do not say this in a patronizing "I have a gay friend damn it" kind of a way, just a this is our life kind of way.

Just like millions of Australians.

Do you know what his next question to me was Ms Gillard?

"Is what Gay people are doing wrong?"

Because that is the message you are sending our children Ms Gillard, We teach our children that you are not allowed to do things because they are wrong, or damaging, or harmful to others or yourself, or dangerous, every day.

I could have cried when he went on to say that he thought that it was against the law to discriminate, and do you know what he asked next?

How many Sorry days do you think we will have when I am grown up?

How Many Ms Gillard?

The last question I was asked in this particular round of question time was

"Is this one of those things that is not that simple, that everyone has to work together, and it takes a long time?"

I told him no. Sadly, It really is that simple, sometimes we suck.

I am so angry that I could spit Ms Gillard, I am angry that I should even have to answer those kinds of questions in 2011.
I am disgusted that the people I taught him to respect and trust to up hold our values could plant a seed how ever tiny in his innocent mind that being gay is wrong, and the leaders of our country allow seeds like that to be planted in innocent minds every day.

Just like millions of Australians.

I am putting this in writing for my son, because he probably won't, most people don't.

I for one, are sure as shit, sick of it.

(I included the Australian phrasing Sure as shit because you only ever hear Kevin Rudd do Australian phrasing, and I don't know if you are aware, but he is doing it wrong)


Emma Healey.


Ozziethriftmumma said...

Did you email this to her?? I would!! very good job!

Ms Styling You said...

Incredible post. Send it!

Kevin said...

Very well said. Kudos to you.

Madam Bipolar said...

Some aspects of life do suck. Sounds like you have a wonderful son. Maybe he will help change the world.

Mrs Woog said...

I loved this post, written with passion and from the heart. I hope she gets back to you soon xxx

Anonymous said...

Message from you Mum,

Hear Hear!!

Joni Llanora said...

I've once had a similar conversation with my daughter when she asked about the rallies and indeed found it hard to explain things.

Miss Pink said...

It really is that simple isn't it?
It's sad when your leaders are acting like children, on national television, in front of our children, and refusing to acknowledge something that shouldn't even BE an issue.

Allowing people of the same sex to marry doesn't make a mockery of marriage, and it doesn't affect any one elses marriage or choice to marry.
It's discrimination. The very thing we tell our kids, and others not to do. Pure and simple.

Natalie said...

If a child can work it out... but our leaders can't... what hope do we have for the future?

Well said Emma x

River said...

Question Time should be renamed "Who Can Shout The Loudest". I've seen snippets of Question Time on TV and changed channels very quickly. I don't want to see a bunch of grown people, who are supposed to know better, shouting over each other and not listening like a group of four year old fighting about who is going to go first on the swings or whatever.

Mishaps and Mayhem of a Gluten Free Life said...

Great email Emma! Let's hope she takes notice to it! Xxx

Miss Cinders said...

Just in case she misses it... I posted a link on her facebook... because as per usual E you have a way with putting the words together beautifully!

Kirsty@MyHomeTruths said...

Perfectly said - I really hope the nameless folk behind the scenes read this and start seeing through the polls and the lobbying and realise what everyday people really think - particularly the next generation of voters like your thoughtful son!

Sharon said...

Are you following her on twitter? She follows everyone back. Funnily though, she didn't answer me when I tweeted her, asking about her feelings on scripture classes in NSW.

I love this post, and your son is brilliant