Monday, December 12, 2011

Under Construction.

I have decided to give my blog a little bit of cosmetic enhancement for Christmas. She deserves it.
I give her a beating on a regular basis, I crash her... all the time, I fiddle with her HTML whether she likes it or not, she listens to me whinge and I whore her out whenever I deem fit, in order to pay my bills.

The problem is, that this weekend, was supposed to be dedicated to said cosmetic surgery.... I began, as always, with gusto and arm fulls of patience..... and a clear head.......Then I got a little side tracked with....

Fridays Drinks with My Sister.

Spent Saturday morning Attempting to reply to emails, trying not to spew, and pretending I don't have a hangover......

I spent Saturday afternoon Dressing Ms 2 up like a fairy, Sans wings, Taking photo's of her, then spending hours in PS express drawing wings on her...... As you do.

And Sunday afternoon with Lori.....

I am my own worst enemy, and clearly the queen of self sabotage.

Please busy yourself with the weekends Happy snaps while I get around to it.... Please ignore my messy sidebar, any spelling mistakes or the general funk that is my lay out.

We shall resume normal programming as soon as possible.

Emma xx

1 comment:

Miss Pink said...

I'd be distracted too.
What fantastic distractions you have.

Behind the scenes stuff can be really annoying when it comes to crunch time and doing it. Especially if you have no clue what you're doing *ahem* me.
I am loving it so far! Is this a sneak peek?