Monday, December 5, 2011

Winners are grinners.....

***I know you have been waiting with baited breath, because, I scheduled this post and then went to Mr 12's High School orientation assembly... and it didn't publish... as scheduled.
My apologies****.

I have won five things that I can remember in my lifetime.

A kitchen,

I once put $20 in a poker machine and I won $862.00. I played it down to $850.0 because I have a thing about the number six, but that is a different blog post entirely.

I won five consecutive grand finals... shout out to the All Age Ladies Div 1, Wollondilly indoor soccer team.

And I won employee of the month once.... I left that job two weeks later. When you win employee of the month and your job is to hand out key rings and promotional activity to drunk people at nightclubs... then it is time to leave.

My replacement was nineteen.

I had the best time going through your captions and I honestly did not think it would be soooo HArd!!!!!
It truly was.

Getting to the point......

The winners are.....

KELLY @ MAGNETO BOLD TOO, Because it is funny..... and apt.

The Sheer persistence award goes too MARK BORMANN for his entering Every freaking day and his clever use of the words Play Station.

And Finally ADELA, Because it was my FAVORITE one, and it made me snort Coke a Cola out of my nose. ( I did originally write that as..... snort coke out of my nose, but I felt that this is clearly one of those occasions that "a Cola" is necessary... Just so we are clear)

If the winners could please email me through the contact tab/ page above, You have till 11:59pm 8/12 with your postal and contact details and I will forward them on to the great folk at SONY, to post on out to you.

All together...

Emma xx


Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

HUZZAH! I never win anything.

Like for serious.


So. Um. What did I win again? I was too busy laughing at the looks on the kids faces... HOLY MOTHER OF SANTA I JUST REALISED!

*runs around the house screaming*

Thanks Emma you ROCK!

Miss Pink said...

Those were funneh!

Miss Cinders said...

WOO! HOO! Go Kelley!! Well done girl!!!

*would naked happy dance for Kelley if I wanted to blind my children*