Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Emmasbrain out of office (her mind) reply.

The lovely Miss Pink, from the Mummy Autobiography is hosting my post today, you should check her out, and my post while you are there, she assures me that she now comes with added Pink bits.

Because, ( and I know you shouldn't start sentences with because, or 'and' for that matter, but its my blog so PO) quite frankly, I was busy whoring my wares other places on the Internet, I forgot to write a post for today, but others haven't, so you can read theirs.

Here are some of my favorites.

Got kid?

The Bombing Sawhole has a very important guest post discussing mental health in children.

After a laugh?

Joe Hildebrand made me pee myself with The real Kevin Rudd story.

Hungry now?

You can grab some fantastic vegetarian meal ideas from one of my favorite Hippies Veggie Mama.

Still want more?

Here... Have a puppy... They are pissing and teething on everything I own.

Emma xx

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River said...

oh! Puppyyyyy, puppyyyyy!

I start sentences with "and" all the time, also "but" and "because".
Because I can.