Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have no i-dea what's going on around here

So I finally made it to bed with my book.

An actual book made of paper, like in the olden days, when I walked to school in the snow with cardboard shoes and played foot ball on gravel.

Not one downloaded on iBook.

I firstly jumped into bed with the light off, you see, there is no need to have the light on when you are reading an iBook.

So I jumped out of bed again, to put the light on.

I know right, my life is hard.

light is a necessity when reading an actual book. (it is also reassuring, as I am waiting for Kevin Bacon to jump from my closet and eat me at any moment)

Cabbage (Mr Emmasbrain) came in shortly after, and asked if I knew the time.

My first instinct, was to look at the top of my book, and it actually took me several seconds to figure out why there was no clock on the top of my actual paper book.

It was then it dawned on me..... I have been i-o-fied.

I have bitten from the virtual apple and I am about to be banished from the garden of eden.

"THE DEN!!!!

May god have mercy on us all..."

(gratuitous Simpsons quote)

Still whinging about the flu, (and quite possibly delirious from fever after re reading this post)

Emma xx

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darren said...

bahahaha. I know the feeling. I did a similar thing when I wrote an actual note to my husband on actual paper for him to read when he got home from night shift. (we had just got to india and didn't have phones sorted). I kept absentmindedly checking the note to see if he had replied.... And getting a bit miffed that he hadn't. I blame jetlag and text overuse syndrome.

toushka lee said...

...and another thing that only happens in the electronic age is accidentally commenting with your husband's google acct. Can't say I've ever accidentally signed "darren" at the bottom of an actual letter.

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Hahahaha! It is clearly the different time zones fault! X

Madam Bipolar said...

Cabbage for PM.

whatsinemmasbrain said...

He will be excited to read that! He is coming to DP CON! We should all begin to brace ourselves! Xx

Miss Pink said...

Oh I see a blog in his future. Indeedy I do! You may have a little competition on your hands. He might blog something before you do...

Miss Pink said...

I refuse to go all kindle or iBook. I love books too much, the smell of the paper (yes, weird I know), I just can't let myself try the digital kind because I know I will be all on it.
I did laugh about looking for the time up the top of the book. I get that. I really do. It's a bit like the time I went to tweet that I had accidently left my phone at home, only to realise that was stupid as I couldn't tweet this without my phone and then going to tweet my stupidity of going to tweet I had left my phone at home. Yes. How on Earth I got to that is beyond me. I'm a bloody idiot!

Anonymous said...

Cabbage can't possibly be PM, he just doesn't have the swear gene, or the red hair.... and besides he is just too fair.... xxxxx Emma's Mum.