Friday, February 17, 2012

My blogging essentials - Apps

I am a bit of an app addict, And boy is there some Crap out there...
I have weeded through a great deal of this crap and found a few gems, and the time has come to share them.

The Blogging Essentials......

Number one, and by far one of the best free apps available.- Instagram.
Photo sharing at its best.

Basically it is photography App, with filters that change the look of your photo's. You can take photos with the app or filter photo's already in your camera roll.

You can follow the pics of family, and friends, or choose to remain private if you are a massive party pooper.
You can follow me @emmasbrain.

Instagram uploads simply to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts.

Number Two, Hipstamatic, came highly recommended to me from the Photographer that lifted my titties with photo shop, at the Pantene Swish shoot....

Hipstamatic is another photography App, the difference being that you can choose your film, lens and flash filters before capturing your image in app.

Additional Films, lenses and flashes are available in various packs for additional cost, and I have found the packs to be reasonably priced (mostly around 99c per pack)

For those already in love with instagram filters, will love this one, and although I have never had the need to, you can easily order prints In app.

Number 3, also from the Hipsta family, Incredibooth.
Anyone will love this one. Takes photo booth like pics.

PS express, self explanatory, a little pricey, but a blogging must have.

Adobe ideas,

I make all my post pictures here, it is easy to use and compatible with everything, (unlike other adobe products... Like... Flash. Not that I'm whinging or anything.) Ok I'm whinging, please keep up adobe....


Whatever you can't do with adobe ideas, you can do with this one... Awesome for photo layering.


write, edit and add pics in this, Simple to use, and the closest thing to word I have found for I pad.


imovie is complicated, but so very worth persevering, your first clue that it is complicated is that when you search it, a hundred e books appear on exactly how to use it, don't let it put you off though, it's a vlogging must, and because it has i at the beginning, you have the benefit of iCloud.

Blog press

This app craps all over the blogger app, inserting pictures, adding bold text etc, simple and easy to use.

What are your essential apps?

Emma xx

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•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I love Blog press but I still find I cannot add links in.
What am I doing wrong ?
I need to learn about layering pics !
Love these suggestions thanks Emma !

whatsinemmasbrain said...

If you select the text you want to add a link to, then hit the HTML button (top right) the first drop down says A insert hyperlink, hit that, then insert the link in the space provided! Hope it helps xxx

Caroline said...

Great suggestions. I love blogpress. only thing I've found a tad annoying is when i start a post on my computer then go to blogpress my posts are all in html :-s
haven't tried iMovie yet mayb when/if i decide to vlog ;)