Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twitter fail... Are you serious?

I recently attended a blogging lunch at The Flying Fish restaurant, In Sydney ( very worthy of the hype, I must say)

Later that same evening, I was doing a little twitter thanking, spruiking and catching up when I sent a shout out to one @peterKurivita, (of flying fish fame) on his divine Roasted blue eye trevalla ...... I re read my tweets the following morning .......and yes I do that, because I'm clearly, a wanker.

Sometimes I read them once, then read them again and pretend that I don't know myself, just to see what it reads like to everybody else.
There is no helping me.

Well on this particular occasion, I re read a tweet, then almost choked on the biscuit I was inhaling at the time.

......Do you know what it was that I tweeted to @petakurivita of The Flying Fish?!?!

Your. Blue. Eye.

I KNOW! ......Saaaalllluuuuut! ( and hey, worse things have been said about me this week)

SERIOUSLY.!?!? .. I could not have worded it any better??? Maybe added a Trevalla in there somewhere?

I was then further mortified when peter himself RT it with this response...

Yeah....... Great! ....What else could he say?!?!?

So..... Great!....Im off to crawl under a rock and re read my tweets.

Emma xx


I was not paid nor commissioned by Natures Own for this post.

-Lunch at the flying Fish, was thanks to Natures Own, who gave us a squiz at their new Omega Delight fish oil.

Cod Liver oil was used as a punishment in my house when I was younger, so I must admit, I was a little skeptical, however!
I tried it, and can personally vouch for the fact that it tastes like yum, pineapple is the favorite it my house, (and tastes like the middle of pineapple snack chocolate) my children enjoy it on ice cream, like a topping.... Yes ice cream!

There have been tantrums for more, especially from Miss three, who regular takes it from the fridge and asks/demands for more pineapple spoon.

If you are concerned about your children's omega 3 intake, I can highly recommend it.
I have this pack to give away, to a commenter!

-Em xx

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Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

Better blue eye than brown! Heh ;)

Madam Bipolar said...

That place seriously rocks. I have been there a few times with Woogsy and always had a great time.

Mrs Woog said...

That is hilarious! Xx

Teegs said...

Hilarious! At least there was no mention of waffles ;)
p.s I like re reading my tweets too

Miss Pink said...

You can just blame autocorrect these days. Thank gosh for autocorrect!
I am still wondering how the eff it changes stuff when I swear it's not what I wrote.

Suz @ Segovia and The I Love You Song said...


Brenda said...

Bwahahaha. The end.

edenland said...

Remind me to tell you what I tweeted to Problogger once. SO EMBARRASSED STILL.

:perennial: said...

Loved reading about your humiliation - better than Pink Eye - which the kids may avoid this year if I win your giveaway.