Friday, March 16, 2012

The best Apps in life are free.

I have found myself a few great apps since I posted last, in the course of my daily rummaging.

I was, up until recently, convinced that you got what you paid for at the App Store.

More frequently of late, it seems that every man and his cat have an app, and I have learned that sometimes, the freebies are far superior.

Case study one;

I originally purchased Dictionary dot com LLC, for the sum of $2.99

This app is a dictionary and thesaurus combined.
For the price of this app, I would probably like it to be a little more thorough.
I can't search the word Penis for example,Yes I did try, and yes I have a legitimate reason.
I was trying to find a less insulting and far more amusing way of saying Dick head, with out using the word Penis.
It's a long story for another day, the point (pardon the pun) is, I paid $2.99 and I should be able to search the word penis if I want to.

I'm pissed off further more, because they clearly state in the app, that they were voted best college dictionary app for college students.
Couldn't possibly have been voted by the college students, obviously, because it doesn't contain the word Penis.

Farlex, Inc, however, have a brilliant little app that costs nothing, called The Free Dictionary.

Not only a Dictionary (that includes both medical and legal) and a thesaurus, but an encyclopedia too.
It is exactly the same as the free dictionary dot com, and best part of all, when I search the word Penis;

I get the definition and medical diagram, as well as a list of many other highly amusing words, that can be used in lieu of the word Penis.

I can also see the word penis written in 30+ languages.

The Swedish word for Penis is Svenska in case you were wondering, I already know because I have the app, but what I do wonder though, is if the name Sven then translates to Peen?

I'm asking next time I'm at Ikea.

Happy Friday!

Emma xx

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River said...

Dick Head = Richard Cranium

That's the only one I know.

Good Golly Miss Holly! said...


Miss Pink said...

Vill du suga min svenska?

BTW I am totally not spamming you, but get back to me with an answer, kthanx.